We live in a world where people are compared with others.

One of the worst parts of childhood was returning from Christmas break. It was there that the new wardrobes would go under the inspection of peers.

The hand-me-downs would sometimes receive looks and remarks of disdain. Those with homemade items would rate a little higher, than yet not as high as the ones who had store purchased items (especially the top of the line items).

Other people would show up and brag about being whisked off to some exotic adventure while others had not even heard of anyone in their family having such fun.

Not everyone was a snob. Some were pointedly exclusive, and they used contrast based on wealth, popularity, or a network that kept out most people to enforce their class privilege.

We may see each other in those terms but God does not pay as much attention to those things compared to what is really important. God looks at the heart. God sees who is really there and has decided to love us in spite of our flaws.

An expert in wardrobes can look at a person and quickly sum up how much work would be needed to improve the life of that potential client.

Those who are expert mechanics can tell a customer how much work it would take to fix up a vehicle. Experts in the building trades can tell buyers what kind of work that it would take to make a structure right.

How much improvement do we need? God, the true expert, knows what is needed and the steps to achieve the best outcome.

God knows how to replace the things that should not stay in our lives with the things that will make us right.

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