This is a fable that teaches a portion. Romi was not too bright. Romi, however, had something that no one else had, a new food: pizza. No one paid much attention to Romi except when they wanted something.

One day Romi showed up with pizza. It was intended for Romi’s lunch. There would also be enough to share a little. People gathered around to “share” until there was nothing left for Romi to eat.

The next day more pizza was brought but this time there were more “friends” demanding that Romi share the pizza. They said things like “Romi, it would not be nice if you didn’t share.” They all were chuckling as they again left Romi with just a few crumbs and a slender string of cheese.

Romi was again hungry but determined to have enough to share and to eat the next time. Of course, since Romi was not very smart there never was a thought that the “friends” were not real friends or that people were taking advantage with the “sharing.”

Romi tried again. This time there was a large group willing to take the pizza. They all seemed friendly and happy as they again left Romi with no pizza.

Romi’s misadventures did not go unnoticed by one who could take care of the entire situation. What do you think would happen next?

This story is not from the Bible but it points out some of the same points that Jesus included in his teachings. The one who knows that they are being swindled is no fool. Those who presume to get away with offences are mistaken. There will always be someone who will eventually set things right. The one who does not show mercy will not find mercy.

Let us pursue peace.

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