November is such a wonderful month one might almost want to call it Yesvember. The best thing about Yesvember is Thanksgiving as a reminder to be thankful and generous.

We should be thankful all the time.  Of course, it is the easiest to be thankful for special things. When someone goes out of their way to help, that gets our attention and we ought to be thankful.

We can be thankful for a man who, when he was young, got married and then went off to war. Just a few months after he was drafted he was facing the enemy in a major offensive. The plans had been put in place to misdirect the enemy. 

The key elements of the defending forces had been tricked into being deployed in a different country.  Would the beach offensive work?  When the beach was invaded this young man was pronounced dead the next day.

So why be thankful for this man?  He did his part in facing some of the fiercest resistance in the operation. Those resistance forces initially lost 45% of their strength. The operation was a success thanks to those who fought and lived, and to this one young man, among many others, who fought and died.

We are also so thankful for another man that died.  Jesus came to earth knowing full well what would happen to him.  He died that shame would not have the last word.  The weakness of this world will not win.  He brings hope.  For this we ought to be thankful.  If we can be thankful for a young man who died to help us keep our freedom, then we should be thankful for the one who can make us free indeed. 

Happy Yesvember.  Let us remember to be thankful for what has been secured for us through the willing sacrifice of others.

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