There’s a storm coming. It has been predicted. The storm that is coming is not like a cyclone bomb that hit with hurricane force winds throwing table-sized inches-thick sheets of ice off of the sea to destroy things in their paths. It is not like the war ravaged events that Thomas Paine described as, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” The storm that is coming is not some hot topic that divides the people into their various camps. The storm that is coming is also not where people starve or suffer the plague.

The coming storm may or may not involve some of the elements of all of these kind of things. The coming storm was described by Jesus as he contrasted people who listen to him from those who do not take his words seriously. He said that the one who uses his words to build their life is like a wise builder who builds where no fierce storm will cause a catastrophic collapse. The storm is the test of the soul. 

Things that put our souls to the test may not come with thunderous drama. Sometimes it comes in the form of a temptation that may sneak close on kitten paws. As close to self-care as greed is, the two have completely different outcomes. People, like nations, are most easily destroyed from within.

God has given us everything that we need for building our lives to withstand the great test.  Not only has God revealed every necessary thing for us to come to faith in Jesus, God has shown undeserved favor toward flawed humans by giving us a hope that will last beyond this life. With God’s help and our determination we can weather the storm to test souls.

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