The young child did not want anyone telling him what to do. He was acting childish and did not want to cooperate. In fact he was being naughty. Attempts to help him get under control were met with failure. The more that he wanted to insist on getting his own way the less he was free. If this pattern were to persist there would be less and less freedom.

There have been many children like this. Many have gained maturity and control over themselves and so became free. Others have maintained a determination to be independent and so have not given themselves a chance to gain self-control and freedom.

It is not generally acceptable for a thirteen year old to have a temper tantrum like a two year old might display. Likewise it is not acceptable for a sixteen year old who is capable of doing a number of assignments to decide that none of them should be attempted. The result of this independent attitude will have its consequences. From extra help in controlling the temper tantrum to failure in school and loss of a chance to graduate from a high school, the consequences of an insistence on being independent will follow that behavior.

Continued patterns of the stubborn insistence on doing one’s own thing does not bring freedom. This seems to be counter-intuitive. The more a person can be self-controlled the more freedom they have.

Are we more like the more mature person than this unruly child? Is there some issue that we refuse to consider because of some feeling that we might lose our independence? If we allow ourselves to have faith in Jesus as he was revealed in the Bible, we will gain freedom. Christ sets us free when we come to the faith.

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