God is unseen and unknowable. God is also so big you cannot miss an encounter with the divine, and because of this, a person cannot help but begin to know God. This sounds as though it is a contradiction, but both statements are true.

Has any person seen God? Outside of a reference to Adam and Eve walking in a garden with God, Abraham sitting down for lunch with God, Elijah seeing God after God had passed him by, Isaiah seeing a vision of God, Jesus, and possibly Moses there really are no accounts of humans having a face to face, person to person, encounter with God. So one may, therefore, consider dismissing God all-together.

There is a problem with assuming that God does not exist, or that God doesn’t matter. God is huge. God is so big that ignoring what God has done and what God is doing is perilous. God’s power and wisdom are evident in the stuff around us. But is God friend or foe?

If God were to go along with our plans and prove to be a friend, that would be one thing. If God were to oppose our desires and prove to be a foe, that would be something entirely different. This is the thinking of a toddler.

Loving individuals who parent well, do not let the toddler set the agenda for what is in the best interest for that toddler. The friend vs. foe test is not to be trusted as decisive. 

Can anyone have God as friend or are we all doomed to be without hope there? If we try to get along with God and not be God’s boss or God’s equal we will be on the right track. With Jesus there is hope of God’s friendship.

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