One of several things that is part of the church’s business is self-improvement. In terms of institutional language it would be called quality improvement. In church language it would be known as sanctification. This is a continuous process of refining our character.

The source for our self-improvement is God. At its heart it is not the product of a focus group, the result of a theological study, or a matter for popular vote. If self-improvement was a matter of comfort there would be little improvement but a lot of self-affirmation and group-affirmation. The heart of Christianity is a relationship with the living God, so the heart of our refinement of character comes out of that interactive relationship.

Does this mean that Christians have figured out all of life? There are a variety of learners in and out of the church. Some stick to a position longer than others when change is called for. People looking at a person from the outside always see how easy it would be for a change to happen. It’s evident that humans have not figured out all of life. God, however, keeps presenting choices to us so that we might find our way.

So what benefit is there to being a Christian? We are all imperfect, but for the Christian we have admitted our imperfections, turned to God for help by believing in Jesus, and found that God is not our enemy but the inspiration, the direction, and the empowerment for our improvement. God also inspires us to be patient with those who are not as perfect.

Volunteers from the church will be taking down decorations following services on Jan. 12, since we have concluded the twelve days of Christmas which are between Christmas Day and the Day of Epiphany.

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