By Clarence Howard

It is not easy being human. We start out helpless. Then we eventually end up where living is not for wimps. That is, unless something tragic happens in between those two milestones. There is always hope.

The world holds many challenges. Changeable weather patterns, draught, floods, crops that produce far less than it cost to grow them, diseases that we face every day, and new and spreading diseases are all on the list of things that we face. Yet there is hope.

Difficulties may come from human sources. Nations do not always get along. There are tensions from wars, refugees, and lack of necessities. There are stresses from competing versions of a religion, as well as the religiously held view that there is no god.

This is besides the difficulty that happens in our personal lives between friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members. Hope is present even in these circumstances.

Besides this, we have the stress of making choices. A major choice that we face is deciding whether or not we are God. If the entire world is messed up, and we have the one way of fixing it (the choice that we are God), then we will have difficulty with those that do not agree with us. (If we can be God, don’t they have a right to be God too?)

We will not be able to pass on our wisdom indefinitely. Death happens. There is little hope here.

If, on the other hand, we choose to be open to an eternal, powerful, divinity whom we can know through Jesus of Nazareth, then the light will shine.

We will no longer be in the darkness of despair, greed and alienation. We will be exposed to the power which can change lives. We can have real hope.

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