One of the people who spoke from God was a young man. He lived in a time when the country was on the verge of facing an international threat. The problem for this man was that the authorities, as well as most of the people, were convinced that threats from outside of the country were not a concern. They had their own beliefs which they held onto religiously. This left the young man in a vulnerable position. He was warned about his speech. He ended up being mistreated and imprisoned for speech against the national interest.

Sometimes people get the impression that some of those who speak from God are not fully in touch with reality. Either they show joy when things are gloomy, or they show sadness when things are prosperous and peaceful. This was the case with this young man. Even though the authorities felt that he was not in tune with the political climate of his time, he knew precisely what was happening in his life. Though he was mislabeled as a troublemaker, he was, in fact, a patriot.  He loved the people of his country and he wept over their stubbornness and his own mistreatment.

As it turned out, the country was invaded. He had spoken from God and what was said came true in spite of all who were against him. The man’s writings are still read today, and what he was weeping about did not overtake him. Even though things were dire he found joy in the renewed mercies of God.  When others acted as though he was on the crazy side, what God said mattered more than circumstances. He discovered that God’s great faithfulness was more than enough to give him hope in times of great suffering.

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