The philosophies of this world like to rob God.  The thinking of this world attempts to change the good news into the nice trivia.  The world’s position is that God either doesn’t exist or God does not matter.

We see this in what is said about Christianity.  Some have said that Christians should not be judgmental.  They are right in that God will judge everyone and that people in the church will not judge the world.  What is implied by the opinion about “judgmental,” though, is that the church has nothing to say about what is right and wrong.  This is completely false if the church is faithfully passing on information from God.  Murder is wrong.  Incest is wrong.  Rebelling against God is wrong.

The mindset of this world would also plead that we all be the same, get along and stop any religious nonsense.  This again is a half-truth.  Paul pleaded with a ruler that was examining him in a trial.  Paul wanted everyone to be like him (a faithful Christian) except for the chains that went along with his arrest.  We are not god.  There are those who believe in God and there are those who don’t.  As for the history of the church, it is far from stainless.  There has been a lot of religious nonsense such as one flavor of Christians who follow Jesus as the only Lord and Savior not getting along with another one over trivial matters.

Why not side with the world then?  Jesus offers life.  That is a life that is not drudgery and filled with pain and heartache.  That life is not just ordinary existence.  It is filled with overwhelming love, meaning, fulfillment, and joy.   Jesus offers life for an eternity.  The world does not.

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