Orofino Wellness Center staff

Shown in this Orofino Wellness Center photo are (l to r): Sarah Lawrence, LMT, office manager Cheryl Jones, Joni Mangum, and Dr. Damon Popovics.

Orofino Wellness Center welcomes new team member Joni Mangum as their new massage therapist! After constantly having a three month wait list for massage therapy at Orofino Wellness Center, Joni Mangum realized an opportunity to take advantage of her interest in fitness and human anatomy.

Last year, after a little discussion, Dr. Damon Popovics and Joni shook hands on an agreement that if she attended and finished massage school, she would have a guaranteed job at Orofino Wellness Center.

It was a long nine months, and during that time, Dr. Popovics actually turned away three other potential massage therapists looking for work. This past week, Joni’s hard work paid off in passing her massage board exam with flying colors. Dr. Popovics was told that her instructor said she was the best student he has had in class ever.

Dr. Popovics is very proud to create another job in the community, and is hopeful to also be expanding chiropractic services as well to six days per week later in the year.

Her first day in the office will be April 11 after she returns from a well-needed and hard-earned vacation. All new massage clients with her will receive $5 off their first massage for the month of April.

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