All tea lovers! Mark Saturday, April 8, on your calendars, and call to make reservations to enjoy a three-course high tea at the High Country Inn!

These teas are not held very often, gauged upon patrons’ interest. This year’s tea will focus on spring, Easter, and an old fashioned parade of hats, courtesy of Gerri Lemmon’s famous collection.

If you have a favorite hat, please wear it, or you can choose one of Gerri’s beautiful creations to don for the tea.

These beautiful hats will certainly spark lots of conversation during the serving of delicious foods and three different teas. 

Beautiful teacup

collection on each table

Not just the lovely hats and tasting different teas with each course, but the collection of lovely teacups and saucers, each one different, will spark lots of conversation.

These beautiful cups and saucers have all been gifted to Jo by her patrons. Her first tea held at the High Country Inn was at Christmas time many years ago, and the only cups she had were her “Spode Christmas Tree” cups and a set of white cups from England.

At the time, she remarked, and later put in her newsletter, that if anyone ran across a matching English teacup and saucer at an auction or yard sale, to please buy it and she would gladly reimburse for it.

The sets started pouring in, usually as free gifts, and now Jo’s collection numbers over sixty beautiful sets. So for the teas each table boasts a different pattern of cup and saucer at each place setting. Many of these cup and saucer sets bear the queen’s mark, are very old, and probably have a high value for serious collectors.

Daughters and

granddaughters welcome

Reservations are being taken now for the tea, which will begin at 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 8. Cost for the tea is $20. Daughters or granddaughters are welcome, to experience a special afternoon, for $15!

Single, as well as tables up to six or eight may be reserved. Please call 476-7570 or email to reserve by Wednesday, April 5.

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