Chamber welcome - SNAP Fitness

Orofino Chamber of Commerce members this month welcomed SNAP Fitness as a new Chamber member. Pictured here (l to r) are: Mark Correa, Tess Bradley, Nancy Correa, Chamber Executive Director Ashley Sartini, Loni Bame, Teri Bolling, Dana Boccasini, Dustin Roby (owner of SNAP Fitness), Ashley Steinbruecker, Connie Robison, Shanna Schwartz, Matt Sartini, Heather Smathers, and Jenna Smathers.

This week’s chamber shoutout goes to our newest chamber, member Snap Fitness 24 Hour Gym. This gym is located in the Riverside are of Orofino, next to Barney’s Harvest Foods, and owned by Dustin Roby, a former Orofino Maniac, now of the Lewis Clark Valley

Snap Fitness’s mission is to change lives with their result-driven culture, both inside and outside our gym walls.

The goal is to encourage, motivate and drive members to success, by showing support and ensuring every member reaches his or her potential.

Snap Fitness offers a variety of things with your membership such as: 24-hour access; ability to access any of the gym’s 2,000 worldwide locations with one membership; flexible membership options; and high-quality equipment.

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