This week’s chamber shout-out goes to one of our newest members, the Lolo Trail Muzzleloaders Club (LTML) here in Orofino. LTML is a non-profit, family-oriented group full of great people that like to have some fun.

Focusing on preservation, practice, and taking the traditional ways of life to all ages, LTML’s motto is: “Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms!”

Want something fun to do in the spring or summer? The LTML hosts some great events.

There’s the Spring Fling, a one-day event, held April 22 this year; and the 41st annual Lolo Trail Muzzleloader Club Rendezvous Shoot at Reggear’s Tree Farm July 22. The tree farm is at 825 Loseth Road.

Shooters, spectators, and traders are invited to be part of this fun, family oriented occasion with a great main course and other special events. Black powder and patched round ball firearms only. You can shoot the whole course in one day or split it up into two!

Both events offer a variety of fun for everyone, including: black powder (patched round ball firearms only allowed); campers welcomed, primitive and modern; rifle, pistol, tomahawk and knife events and trails; a potluck (the club provides a main dish); a Colter (Mulligan) ticket for $1 each and option to purchase during sign-up; and three dress points max for period appropriate attire on rifle walk. Pets are welcome, but must be on a leash.

For more information, email contact one of the following club members; Larry Kaufman at 208-827-0018; Bill “Two Dogs” Kaufman at 208-827-6418; Guy “Ridge Walker” Walker at 208-435-4814; or Dusti “Short Fuse” Howell at 208-827-2786 (call or text).

Thank you, Lolo Trail Muzzleloader Club, for your chamber membership and your investment into our beautiful home we call Orofino.

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