April report

If the old saying “April Showers bring May flowers” is true, we are going to have some beautiful gardens in May!

And, on a similar note, we spent a lot of time in April working with community infrastructure that we expect will result in beautiful outcomes – more attractive communities, safe places and cost savings measures to boost sustainability. Those are all nice “flowers” to think about for our rural place!

We have been invited to work with the Albertson Foundation on a project to leverage funding to build on the programs we have across our communities to foster development, skills and knowledge in our youth. If you are interested in participating, give us a call.

In Elk River we are working with the city to get a fire station construction project going. In addition, we are helping the library and CPTPA with better internet connectivity options.

In Pierce we are witnessing history as the Pierce Community Center conversation to woody biomass for heating the pool and building is taking place. This costs savings project is anticipated to save the Pierce Recreation district tens of thousands of dollars in annual heating costs (that’d buy a lot of flowers).

In Orofino we have held a skate park design meeting and have a plan to one step at a time secure funding to get a place for youth of all ages to ride and skate.

This project is the spark to generate a trail system to connect all of our recreation assets. And, speaking of safety, we are helping the Clearwater Highway District work through the process of securing funding to fix the slides on the Dent to Elk River road.

As always we are working with our existing business community to expand markets, opportunities and we strive to find answers to issues that come up in conversation.

We have learned of a program that is linking youth to employers as part of our efforts in workforce development we will be reaching out to bring that program to our youth and employers who are searching for future skilled labor.

Another issue that came up last month was the opportunity for Clearwater County businesses to be certified under the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zone program. Often government entities have HUB Zone set aside requirements. So, if you provide a service or manufacture a product used by the government, let’s see if HUB Zone is for you.

Additionally, our efforts to foster entrepreneurism (Igniting Innovation) is growing and we are looking at some virtual tools to help us connect our innovators with like-minded folks across the Inland Northwest.

If you have an inventive mind, or an idea for a new product or service, reach out through at Faceboook.com/

IgnitingInnovation and become part of this positive energy group.

Have a question, a project idea or a business need give us a call; we aim to please!

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