This year was a great year for the 18th Annual Orofino Show and Shine, held Saturday, July 17. The day was not too hot and the smoke was at a minimum. We had 94 entries with the committee always shooting for the triple digit.

My opinion has always been that a great show is about the entries. The Camero Pace car was cool to see. One crazy guy showed up with a pickup with a jet engine! That was wild to hear when it showed up, I could not figure out what the heck was going on down the street with the super high pitch whine (it put Blowfish to shame).

There were all different colors on the cars and some fancy ones too. There were some race cars and Jr Dragsters. Wow were they loud! There was an Army truck that showed up full of wood to raffle off. The Scholarship winners made good this year from the money collected! We have now helped over 65 students with close to $64,000.

Then I heard one of the participants say that it is the people that show up to view the entries that makes the show a success! I guess I never thought of it that way as I look around at all the families viewing the cars. Dads pointing out what they like the best to their family and imparting a bit of car knowledge on them. The kids pointing out the chrome and making silly faces reflecting back at themselves. Moms were rolling their eyes and talking about the colors they would like the husband to paint the driver car and then in the next breathe greet another mom and talk about the baseball schedule for the next week.

So I guess the real success of a car show is the whole package. The local radio station interviewing the Scholarship winners and committee, the participants, and the spectators, and the business owners where the out of town people stay, where we eat lunch, have an ice cream, and do some shopping. Yep, it takes everyone to make a great show.


(now 11)

# 69 Michael & Trisha Bann, Lewiston, 1957 Chevy Belair

# 39 Melissa Hartig, Orofino, 2011 Honda Shadow RS 750

# 43 Russ Barton, Lewiston, 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe

# 37 Chris & Nancy Kine, Asotin, 1957 Chevy 210

# 58 Sally Jasper Foster, Kamiah, 1955 Chevy Wagon

# 42 Bert Obenland, Pomeroy, 1967 Chevy Chevelle

# 50 Norris & Lynda Irish, Lewiston, 1954 Ford F-100

# 26 Dina & Jim Hart, Lewiston, 1991 GMC Sonoma

# 48 John Jackson, Orofino, 1969 Chevy Camero Z-28

# 5 Dean & Heather Swan, Cataldo, 11965 Pontiac GTO

#30 Allie Upton, Orofino, 2002 Jr Dragster


#33 Marvin Frank, Lewiston, 1966 Chevelle


#46 Mike and Judy Callahan, Lewiston, 1954 Ford F-100


#47 Jerry Johnson, Orofino, 1968 GMC Pickup


# 8 Michael Nixon, Orofino, 1992 Harley Davidson FLHTC


#11 Jaelynn Willis, 1999 Renegade Jr. Dragster


#38 Gregg Reed, Lewiston, 1968 Chevy Camero RS


#62 Tony Demitter, Peck, 1969 Chevy Chevelle

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