The City of Pierce, Idaho hereby gives notice of the adoption of City of Pierce Ordinance No. 318, vacating a public right-of-way located at the southernmost eighty-six feet (86’) of First Street Original Pierce Block 5. Such public right-of-way is more particularly described as follows:

A parcel of land situate in the Southwest ¼ of Section 2, Township 36 North, Range 5 East, Boise Meridian, Clearwater County, State of Idaho, said parcel a portion of First Avenue South, more particularly described as follows:

Commencing at a 2 ½” diameter aluminum cap monument marking the Center ¼ corner of said Section 2; thence South 31°42'43" West a distance of 1057.06 feet to Southeasterly most corner of Block 5 of the Townsite of Pierce, Idaho, said point being the True Point of Beginning; thence, along the South boundary line of said Block 5, South 89°44'39" West a distance of 18.00 feet to the Southeast corner of Lot 14, Block 5; thence, leaving said South boundary line, along the East boundary line of said Lot 14, North 00°14’18” West a distance of 63.00 feet to the Northeast corner of said Block 14, said point also being the Southeast corner of Lot 13, Block 5; thence, along the East boundary line of said Lot 13, North 00°14'18" West a distance of 23.00 feet to a railroad spike; thence, leaving said East boundary line, North 89°44'39" East a distance of 18.00 feet to a point located on the East boundary line of said Block 5; thence, along said East boundary line, South 00°14’18” East a distance of 86.00 feet to the Southeasterly most corner of said Block 5, said point being the True Point of Beginning.

Subject to any easements written, unwritten, recorded, or unrecorded.

Title to said vacated public right-of-way shall vest with the owners of the adjacent property, Laurence H. Nelson and Colleen M. Nelson, husband and wife, with the City of Pierce reserving a utility easement over and under the public right-of-way vacated by the Ordinance. This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after passage, approval, and publication of this Summary. The full text of this summarized Ordinance No. 318 is available at Pierce City Hall, 404 South Main Street, Pierce, Idaho 83546, M-F 9AM-1PM.

APPROVED by the City Council of Pierce, this 27th day of December, 2021.

Dominic Consentino, Mayor

ATTEST: Beth Britz, Clerk of the City of Pierce

Date: 12/27/2021

I, Jennifer Tengono, being the legal advisor for the City of Pierce, hereby certify that the above Summary of City of Pierce Ordinance # 318 is true and complete and provides adequate notice to the public.

Legal Advisor Signature: Jennifer Tegono

Date: 12/27/2021


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