The following agencies of the state of Idaho have published the complete text and all related, pertinent information

concerning their intent to change or make the following rules in the latest publication of the state Administrative Bulletin.

The proposed rule public hearing request deadline is November 20, 2019, unless otherwise posted.

The proposed rule written comment submission deadline is November 27, 2019, unless otherwise posted.

(Temp & Prop) indicates the rule making is both Temporary and Proposed.

(*PH) indicates that a public hearing has been scheduled.


PO Box 7249, Boise, ID 83707

*02-0202-1901, Rules Governing Grading and Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Apples. (*PH) New ruler combines two chapters governing grading standards and storage of apples.

*02-0205-1902, Rules Governing Stone Fruit Grades. (*PH) New rule combines three chapters governing state inspection and grading standards for prunes, sweet cherries and apricots.

*02-0207-1901, Rules Governing Bulk Permits and Retail Sale of Potatoes. (*PH) New rule combines two chapters governing the retail sale, inspection and bulk permitting of potatoes and includes permit fees for advertising tax and inspections when required.

*02-0403-1901, Rules Governing Animal Industry. (*PH) New rule combines two chapters governing the general health, disease surveillance and disease prevention requirements for domestic animals and livestock and includes a license application fee.

*02-0405-1901, Rules Governing Grade A Milk and Manufacture Grade Milk. (*PH) New rule combines four chapters governing inspection, production, processing, analysis, and transport of Grade A and Manufacture Grade Milk and Milk Products. Includes license fee for testing labs.

*02-0426-1901, Rules Governing the Public Exchange of Livestock. (*PH) New chapter combines two chapters regulating the sale, trade, exchange, identification and movement of livestock through public livestock markets, buying stations and trader lots and simplifies rules related to disease prevention and disease surveillance and reporting requirements.

*02-0430-1903, Rules Governing Environmental and Nutrient Management. (*PH) New rule combines four chapters relating to general environmental issues associated with agricultural and livestock facilities.

*02-0601-1901, Rules Governing the Production and Distribution of Seed. (*PH) New rule combines three chapters that regulate seed production.

*02-0602-1902, Rules Governing Registrations and Licenses. (*PH) New rule combines five chapters to streamline the licensure and registration of certain agricultural activities or agricultural products.

*02-0604-1901, Rules Governing Plant Exports. (*PH) New rule combines three chapters related to plant exports.

*02-0605-1901, Rules Governing Plant Disease and Quarantines. (*PH) New rule combines eleven chapters that regulate and quarantine certain crops to prevent the spread of disease and pests.

*02-0609-1901, Rules Governing Invasive Species and Noxious Weeds. (*PH) New rule combines three chapters that regulate noxious weeds and invasive species to prevent the spread of both.

*02-0610-1901, Rules Governing the Growing of Potatoes. (*PH) New rule combines four chapters that regulate the planting and growing of potatoes to prevent the spread of disease and pests.


700. S. Stratford Dr., Meridian, ID 83642

11-0301-1901, Rules Governing Alcohol Testing. Removes obsolete definitions and unnecessary words from the definitions; deletes obsolete sections; clarifies sections regarding the number and types of breath alcohol samples required to be considered a valid test for court purposes.


345 W. Bobwhite Court, Suite 150, Boise, ID 83706

22-0107-1901, Rules for the Licensure of Naturopathic Medical Doctors. (*PH) New chapter governs the licensure, scope of practice, and discipline of the Naturopathic Medical Doctors and includes fees for initial licensure, renewal license, reinstatement, inactive license, and duplicate wallet card and wall certificate.


1401 N. Hilton, Boise, ID 83706

58-0104-1901, Rules for the Administration of Wastewater Treatment Facility Grants. Chapter repeal.

58-0106-1901, Solid Waste Management Rules. Removes outdated and redundant rules in response to the Governor’s Red Tape Reduction Act.

58-0112-1901, Rules for Administration of Water Pollution Control Loans. Consolidates 58.01.20 into this chapter in response to the Governor’s Red Tape Reduction Act.

58-0120-1901, Rules for Administration of Drinking Water Loan Program. Chapter repeal.

58-0122-1901, Rules for Administration of Planning Grants for Drinking Water Facilities. Consolidates 58.01.04 into this chapter in response to the Governor’s Red Tape Reduction Act.

Please refer to the Idaho Administrative Bulletin November 6, 2019, Volume 19-11, for the notices and text of all rule makings, proclamations, negotiated rule making and public hearing information and schedules, executive orders of the Governor, and contact information.

Issues of the Idaho Administrative Bulletin can be viewed at

Office of the Administrative Rules Coordinator, Division of Financial Management, PO Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720-0032

Phone: 208-334-3900; Email:


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