Pursuant to City of Orofino Ordinance 765, this constitutes notice to property owners within the City of Orofino Idaho, to clear their property of weeds, noxious weeds, and other rank vegetation. Should any property remain in violation of this notice ten (10) days after publication, a written notice may be served either personally, by certified mail, or first class mail after said property is posted with a legal notice upon the owner or contract purchaser of said property specifying the conditions complained of and requiring compliance with City Code within ten (10) days from posting of said property. Any person or entity who owns or is in control of or is the contract purchaser of real property found to be in violation of this notice shall be deemed to have committed a civil infraction and for each violation shall be fined a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100.00). Each day the real property remains in violation shall constitute a separate offense. Should any condition not be abated within said time, the City may order the same abated and the cost thereof shall be chargeable against the property as a lien in the manner provided by section 50-1008 Idaho Code. If such work is performed upon an adjacent right-of-way, the lien shall extend to the abutting premises. If such cost shall not be paid within thirty (30) days from the date of service of statement of cost upon the owner, occupant, or person in charge of the premises upon which such work shall have been performed, a Claim of Lien for such cost may be filed with the County Auditor by the City Clerk on behalf of the city.

Dated this 11th day of May, 2022, Todd D. Perry, Code Enforcement Officer, City of Orofino.


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