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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Board of County Commissioners of Clearwater County, Idaho will meet on Monday February 22, 2021 @10:00 A.M. in in courtroom 2 located in the Clearwater County Courthouse, 150 Michigan Avenue, Orofino, Idaho, for the purpose of considering a fee increase in the Solid Waste fees over 5%. The implementation date for the proposed increase would be March 1, 2021.

Due to current COVID restrictions no more than 10 people, can be admitted into the courtroom for the meeting. Any persons that would like to attend the meeting virtually may do so by accessing a Zoom link for this meeting, on the County web site at www.clearwatercounty.org. You may also join the meeting via the phone, dial 208-476-8956.

Written comments are accepted and need to be directed to the County Commissioners at PO Box 586, Orofino, ID, 83544. Written comments need to be received no later than February 19, 2021.

The following listing sets forth the current Solid Waste fees for providing service and the increased fee amounts as proposed by the Board of County Commissioners.

Per Year

Current Fees Proposed Fees

March 1, 2021

Residential $170.18 $178.70

Commercial $340.32 $357.34

Apartments Units $136.14 unit $178.70 unit

Duplex $136.14 unit $178.70 unit

Mixed Occupancy

Apartment units N/A $178.70 unit

Business Units N/A $357.34

Cabin $85.12 $178.70

Summertime Occupancy $85.12 $178.70

Mobile Home in Park $170.18 trailer $178.70 trailer

Motel Rate $340.32 $446.68

RV parks charged $340.32 $357.34 office

Per Space $89.38

Wastewater treatment plants $340.32 $357.34

Fire Districts $170.18 $178.70

School & Hospitals, $340.32 $714.68

Convenience store/Gas Stations $340.32 $714.68

Grocery stores & Restaurants $340.32 $714.68

Correction Facilities $340.32 $714.68

Tax exempt Government Buildings $340.32 $357.34

Non-Profit Organizations $170.18 $178.70

Circuit Breaker $85.12 $89.38

Vehicle Tires (20 in. rim and under) $2.00/$4.00w/rim $2.50/$5.00w/rim

No vehicle tires or tires with rims 21 inches and up. No tires from commercial business

Appliances w/Freon

(Fridge, freezer & A/C units) No charge $5.00 each

Waste such as construction and demolition materials, roofing material, furniture, carpet, and large bulky items are not covered under the residential solid waste fee. These wastes and other materials are subject to additional charges.

Tonnage fees at $77.00 per ton. Residents, contractors, business will be charged when bringing in debris from remodel, roofing, construction, tear downs, clean ups. If garbage is mixed in it will be charged at $77.00 per ton plus $40.00 to separate. Anything other than normal household (kitchen and bathroom) waste.

All garbage and debris from out of county will be charged $5.00 per bag or $77.00 per ton.

Disposal at the NMSW Timberline site as follows: This applies to non-household debris.

Level pick-up bed load $20.00

Pick-up bed with racks $40.00

Trailer loads $60.00

Dump truck loads $80.00

Vehicle Tires (20 in. rim and under) $2.00/$4.00w/rim $2.50/$5.00w/rim

No tires from commercial business

Appliances w/Freon

(Fridge, freezer & A/C units) No charge $5.00 each

Proof of Residency and Service address at Transfer Station

Residence of Clearwater County disposing of solid waste or any other materials at the Orofino and Timberline Transfer Station shall produce proof of residency and service address from which waste material was generated from prior to disposal. Acceptable documents for proof of residency and service address include current county tax bill with solid waste fee shown, current city utility bill, current electrical bill, vehicle registration and/or driver’s license matching residential user and service address from which the solid waste material was generated.


By: R.J. Winkel

Rick Winkel



Michelle Donner, Deputy

Carrie Bird

Clearwater County Clerk


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