Beginning Balance $ 1,337,167


Property Tax $ 133,618

Sale of Assets 0

Interest Income 2,910

Local receipts or Transfers in 28,822

Total Local Funding $ 165,350

Highway user revenue $ 342,517

Sales tax 59,468

Other State receipts 0

Total State Funding $ 401,985

Federal receipts/forest reserve apportionment $ 269,799

Total Receipts $ 837,134


Reconstruct roads $ 185,473

Routine maintenance 114,684

Equipment 202,811

Administration 146,632

Professional fees 39,389

Total Disbursements $ 688,989

Adjustment $ -82,102

Receipts over Disbursements $ 148,145

Closing Balance $1,403,210

This certified report of dedicated funds is hereby submitted as required by Idaho code 40-708.

Dated December 30, 2020

Caralyn McCollum, Secretary


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