Beginning Balance $ 721,499


Property Tax $ 239,977

Sale of Assets 27,602

Interest Income 443

Local Receipts or Transfers In 108,840

Total Local Funding $ 376,862

Highway User Revenue 187,202

Sales Tax 32,900

Total State Funding $ 220,102

Total Receipts $ 596,964


Chip Sealing or Coating $ 99,568

Routine Maintenance 304,320

New Equipment 37,357

Administration 73,853

Street Lighting 65,284

Total Disbursements $ 570,382

Receipts Over Disbursements $ 26,582

Ending Balance $ 748,081

This certified report of dedicated funds is hereby

submitted as required by 40-708, Idaho Code.

Dated this 30th day of December, 2021.

Signed: Sean Simmons, Mayor

Attest: Janet R. Montambo, City Clerk


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