June 26, 2014

Clearwater salmon season comes to a close

   Fishing for Chinook salmon in the Middle Fork Clearwater, South Fork Clearwater and Lochsa rivers will be closed at the end of fishing hours on Sunday, June 29.

   This closure marks the end of the spring Chinook fishery in the Clearwater Drainage.

   Since the season opened on April 26, anglers harvested more than 3700 adult Chinook and more than 1000 jack Chinook in the Clearwater drainage during the 2014 spring season.

Chinook fishery continues on Little Salmon

   Anglers fishing the Little Salmon River for Chinook salmon will continue to have that opportunity at least through Friday, June 27.

   While many anglers are catching Chinook on the Little Salmon, fishery managers believe the share set aside for sport anglers has not been completely harvested yet.

   Those managers will meet later this week to look at the most up to date numbers before deciding if the fishery can continue beyond June 27.