Part 3 of “Remembering the flood of 1964”

   The third installment of our 50-year commemoration of the flood of 1964 was published in this week's issue, June 19, on page 1B.

   This week, Dennis Fuller and Mike Bushfield shared some of their memories. David Eby also shared five color slides from the estate of Louis and Betty Wilson. The slides show Riverside, the old Orofino Airport, and a bird's eye view (almost!) of downtown Orofino. See if you can figure out where Orofino City Park is in that picture.

   We also have a picture of Maurice and Eldon Snyder "fishing" on Johnson Avenue during the flood, courtesy of Jenine Cook.

   To read the page, click on the image below.

Last chance to share your flood memories!

   This is your last chance to submit something remembering the flood of 1964, as next week, June 26, is the final week of this feature. Please e-mail your submission to; mail it to Clearwater Tribune, P.O. Box 71, Orofino, ID 83544; or stop by our office at 161 Main Street.

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