May 22, 2014

Salmon season closes on lower Clearwater

   Idaho Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore have signed an order to close harvest of Chinook salmon on the Lower Clearwater River. The closure will be effective at the end of fishing hours (8:30 p.m.) on Friday, May 16. The section of the Clearwater River that will be closing to harvest of adult Chinook salmon extends from the Camas Prairie Railroad Bridge near Lewiston upstream to the Cherry Lane Bridge.

   This closure is being implemented because the harvest quota for adult Chinook salmon has been met in this river section. Harvest quotas in different reaches within the Clearwater River drainage were developed using public input. Those quotas help ensure all communities throughout the watershed have opportunities to harvest salmon.

   Anglers may continue to fish for jack Chinook salmon on this river section. Jack salmon are defined as less than 24 inches in length. Anglers may keep four Chinook jacks with a clipped adipose fin per day. Any adult salmon (24 inches or longer) caught in this river section must be immediately released.

   Chinook salmon seasons continue on the Clearwater River upstream from the Cherry Lane Bridge and the North Fork Clearwater; as well as the Lower Salmon River, the Little Salmon River and the Lochsa River.

   For more information on salmon seasons and fishing rules in Idaho, visit the Fish and Game website: