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Advertising & Deadline Information Thursday, January 9, 2014 7-Day Weather Forecast
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Updated January 14 at 4:00 p.m.

Updated January 14 at 4:00 p.m.

January 9, 2014 Front Page
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January 9 Poll Results
Weight Loss Aids
The feds are cracking down on four weight loss aid products. Do you think weight loss aid products are safe to use?

44% No, I don’t. (19)
46% I think some are, but not all. (20)
  5% I think most are, yes. (2)
  5% Undecided. (2)

This is not a scientific poll.

Story Headlines for January 9, 2014
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  • Orofino man dies in Highway 12 wreck
    Gregory S. Challinor, 50, of Orofino, was killed in a head-on collision with a logging truck on Highway 12 on Jan. 7, according to the Idaho State Police (ISP). Challinor, along with passengers Linda Challinor, 45, and son, Kross Challinor, 14, was traveling eastbound on U.S. Highway 12 Tuesday, in a red 2007 Chevrolet pickup. At 8:11 a.m., near milepost 32.5 (west of Peck), a westbound 1996 Western Star unloaded logging truck, driven by 65-year-old Walter E. Duggar of Lewiston, crossed the double solid yellow center line and collided head-on with the Challinor pickup, according to ISP. This article appears on page 12A of of this week's issue.

  • A review of Savvy Seniors
    When our former reporter, Alannah Allbrett, told me she would be quitting to move to southern Idaho with her family, I have to admit, a bit of a panic hit. My first thought was, “Oh no, Savvy Senior!” The Savvy column was an inspiration of my mom’s, and co-publisher, Cloann McNall. It was first suggested by my cousin, Jan Reneau, who along with her husband, Dan Reneau, own the Silsbee Bee, a weekly newspaper in Silsbee, TX. While Alannah was doing the articles I enjoyed reading the history of the Savvy’s (as I affectionately call the people that are kind enough to agree to be our subjects for this column) and seeing their photos. I knew this would be a challenging and somewhat daunting job for whoever was assigned the monthly column. Knowing that several controversies were brewing in town that needed coverage by way of evening meetings, I did not have the heart to ask our new reporter, Elizabeth Morgan, to take on this task. There is much responsibility to telling people’s stories, whether it is through marriage, birth or anniversary announcements or obituaries.
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  • Pierce Winter Festival is coming soon
    The Pierce Winter Festival, with its signature Ice Man Relay and bar stool racing, is slated for the mid-winter weekend of Feb. 7-9. There will be something for everyone this year, including, as always, events for the adventurous. Beginning Friday night, Feb. 7, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Pierce Play Park complex will be snowshoe softball on the ball field, sledding, and potluck snacks at the covered pavilion. Of course a warming fire will be provided for sledders, snackers, and ball players. This year a couple new things have been added to the Saturday, Feb. 8 schedule: hilltop demonstrations at Pierce Hardware of the lifestyle we all enjoy—horn hunting dogs, bear hunting and baiting techniques, wine making, and mushroom hunting.
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  • One-vehicle rollover on Highway 11
    A Weippe resident was involved in a one-vehicle rollover near milepost 8 on Highway 11, outside of Weippe, Jan. 2, according to a news release from Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO). Heather Christopherson was driving a 2004 Toyota Corolla. At approximately 7:45 a.m., she rounded a corner, and the Toyota got into some gravel on the edge of the road. According to CCSO, Christopherson lost control of the vehicle, which left the roadway and rolled over, coming to rest on its wheels. The car also struck a sign, sheering it off.
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  • Bald Mountain awarded grant for insurance costs
    The Clearwater Ski Club, Inc. and Bald Mountain Ski Area on Dec. 30, learned that XL Group, LLC, an international insurance corporation, has awarded a $ 7,500 grant to the ski club to help with insurance costs. The opportunity to apply for the grant came about on the last day of skiing last year. Guy LeVan, an employee of XL Group, LLC, and Chris St Germaine, Clearwater Ski Club president, rode the last T of the year to the top of Bald Mountain, and LeVan had a lot of questions about how Bald Mountain works. St Germaine shared with LeVan some of the lessons learned during her first season at the helm—both challenges and opportunities. Like her, LeVan loves to ride the snow.
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  • CVHC offers free service to help find health insurance
    Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics (CVHC) is offering a new free service to help people find affordable health insurance. If you would like more information or help with the Affordable Care Act enrollment process please call CVHC at 208-476-5777 and ask for one of our In-Person Assistors. A primary goal of the Affordable Care Act is to help the 17% uninsured and eligible in Idaho gain access to quality, affordable healthcare. Central to this goal is the creation of the Health Insurance Marketplace. Through the Marketplace, eligible Americans will be able to enroll in a health plan to get coverage. The Marketplace is a destination where consumers can compare insurance options in simple, easy to understand language.
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  • Letter to the Editor - Don Gardner
    Every year organizations ask us to nominate someone for person of the year. This year I want to provide the first nomination. Let me introduce you to my nominee. They are the local men and women who volunteer their time as firefighters. They range in age from 15 (cadet) to 73 (maybe even older but they won’t admit it). Some are business owners, company employees, truck drivers, loggers, government employees, self employed, sheriff dept employees and stay at home parents.  They are our firefighters in Clearwater County. I think about how our firefighters come home after working their “real job”—maybe putting in an eight- to 10-hour or more work day/night somewhere, then rushing home so they can quickly have dinner and spend a little time with their loved ones. They might help with their kid’s homework, coach the little league game, or take care of something on that never ending “to-do” list at home. Yet through all of this they stand ready to respond to a fire call or attend training. Many don’t just volunteer as firefighters but some also volunteer as EMTs, Search and Rescue members, and with churches and social groups. To read the rest of this article, please subscribe. If you already subscribe, log in and read page 4B.

  • Letter to the Editor - Dennis Fuller
    A couple of weeks ago I hinted about the push for inclusion of a “Socialist Bill of Rights” into our Constitution since first advanced in President Roosevelt’s 1944 Inaugural Address. Our original founding documents included first-generational rights that tell the government what it can’t do, i.e. the feds can’t deny freedom of religion or free speech, or speedy trial, or right to bear arms, etc. The “progressives” want to expand our rules to include things that the government should do, or “second-generational rights.” According to those on the left, in order for all members of a democratic society to flourish, they must be guaranteed rights such as high-quality education, healthcare and old-age security. The drive also includes “income security,” publicly funded child care, rights to a sufficient amount of nutritious and safe food and water, affordable housing, a healthy environment and even a right to “leisure time.”
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  • Distinguished Young Women
    The Distinguished Young Women Committee of Orofino would like to invite the Junior girls to experience this wonderful and exciting program. Distinguish Young Women is  a fun way to get to know other girls your age, gain confidence in yourself, have lots of fun and earn scholarships! Just ask the young women who were in it last year or check the Distinguished Young Women web site! There will have a meeting for all interested girls and their parents Monday, Jan. 13, 7 p.m. at the teen center. To read the rest of this article, please subscribe. If you already subscribe, log in and read page 12A.

  • From this Chair
    “Where, oh, where has that little dog gone? Oh, where can she be?” I am searching through the house the other day looking for the little black pug Mary Jane. I can’t find her but I know she is in this house somewhere. I checked the garage to make sure I didn’t shut her out there. No Mary Jane. I went upstairs and looked in all her favorite hiding places which are behind the TV or recliner. No Mary Jane. By now I’m getting a little puzzled. The fire alarm didn’t go off while I was ironing which is the only reason I’ve known her to hide in the house. I needed to get to work so I decided she’s safe in here somewhere and went to the closet to get my coat. And there was Mary Jane hiding in my closet. This was a first. She wouldn’t budge so I told her, “Goodbye. I’ll be right back.” To read the rest of this article, please subscribe. If you already subscribe, log in and read page 1B.

  • ISP to provide megaload travel updates and traffic safety reminders via Twitter
    The Idaho State Police Regional Communications Center that covers southern Idaho, as well as county dispatch centers, have been inundated with calls from the public and the media with questions about the location the Omega Morgan or "Megaload" equipment shipment. In an effort to keep the public better informed as to where the shipments are parked during the daylight hours, ISP will post the information every morning on its Twitter account at @IdahoStPolice. To read the rest of this article, please subscribe. If you already subscribe, log in and read page 10B.

  • Down Memory Lane
    80 Years Ago - Mr. and Mrs. Albert Curtis, their family, and their maid, Miss Josephine Bare, narrowly survived what could have been a terrible accident. The family was returning to Orofino, from Headquarters, and rounded a sharp turn to meet a car and trailer coming up the Greer grade. The trailer was weaving from side to side, and the hubcap from one of its wheels struck and blew out the front tire of the Curtis’s car. This sent the car toward a steep embankment. Mr. Curtis chose to turn the car straight—as going down the embankment at all could not be avoided—so it would go down front-first, rather than roll. For 200 feet down the embankment he dodged rocks and trees, before finally bringing the car to a stop. No one was injured, and the car suffered minimal damage.
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  • Geology, the Nez Perce, and First Nations
    On Saturday, Jan. 25 at 1 p.m. Ellen Morris Bishop examines the science and geology of Nez Perce stories about Heart of the Monster, Coyote, and other tales. The program will be held at the Spalding Visitor Center, located on U.S. Highway 95, 12 miles south of Lewiston and three miles north of Lapwai. These stories are sometimes considered merely charming amusements or outright myth by non-native listeners; however, these stories are rooted in remarkable scientific insights, and reflect the deep and fundamental connection of people with their landscapes. Ellen Bishop will explain the geologic character of these places and their place in Nez Perce culture. During the presentation the legend of The Heart of the Monster will be told by Bessie Blackeagle.
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  • Republican Central Committee meeting set for Jan. 13
    The regular second Monday meeting of the Clearwater County Republican Central Committee will be held Monday, Jan. 13, at 7 p.m. in the school administration meeting room. Special speaker Mary Adler will be speaking. Mary lives in Grangeville, where she has raised her family of four children and is a proud parent and grandmother. She has read education articles and books, attended State Department of Education continuing education trainings, taken seminars, and researched learning styles, curriculums, lesson delivery methods, education methodology, and special education. To read the rest of this article, please subscribe. If you already subscribe, log in and read page 7A.

  • Fraser news
    All the reminders of the holiday season have been put into storage. The Merry Christmas bill boards were removed on New Years day by the Brands and the Christmas tree at the Fraser Community Center was dismantled on Saturday. Steve Brand built a fire in the wood stove so Oreta Stuart, Dolores Watson and Norma Brand would be comfortable while they packed up the decorations and the tree. I was pleased to receive a Christmas letter and encouraging greeting from Milton Snyder last week. Milton grew up in the Fraser Community and is a great supporter of this area. Dolores Watson reported the White Pine Rebekah Lodge will hold their installation of officers on Jan. 11. Lydia Chrane, District Deputy President from White Bird and her staff will officiate. Following a noon luncheon the meeting will start at 1 p.m. Officers to be installed are Branden Allpress Noble Grand, Minnie West Vice Grand, Christine Supak Recoding Secretary, Kathleen Kindston Financial Secretary, and Christine Brown for Treasurer. After the installation, Lydia Chrane, District Deputy President, will also make her official visit.
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  • Happenings on the Hilltop
    Former Weippe residents, Glen and Carrol Smolinski were surprised with a late family Christmas gathering in Hauser and Post Falls, Dec. 27-30. Their children, Carla and Bob Hartig, Mike and Kathy Smolinski, Bryan and Becky Higgins and Paul and Michele Good were in on the surprise. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren in attendance were Kylie and Ed Berg, Lindsay and Carl Spencer, Staci and Cody Smit. Head Start has arranged for two days of training by local EMT, Helen McFeron. First Aid training will be this Saturday, Jan. 11, beginning at 8 a.m. and CPR training will be on Saturday, Jan. 18, at 8 a.m. Both trainings will be held in the Weippe Wesleyan Church Basement (the Head Start Classroom).
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  • Pierce news
    This is the beginning of the seventh annual Black and Gold THS student art show. At the end of this week the high schoolers will be turning in their pieces of work and the Studio 205 Gallery will be taking down all of their present art to transform the gallery into a High School Creative Artistic Collection. Luckily, everyone in the area will be able to view the creations so mark your calendar for Wednesday, Jan. 15, 4 to 7 p.m. for the Gala Opening of the show. This year there are 20 student artists signed up for the show. There will be food and drink a plenty for all the visitors and the student artists will be present to greet and interact with the viewers.
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  • Sportsmen's Report for January 9
    For some anglers, the best thing about New Year's is the start of the spring steelhead season, which opened Jan. 1. Anglers are reminded that they will need a 2014 fishing license and steelhead permit. 

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