September 13, 2012

Wolf trapper education registration now online

By Niels Nokkentved, IDFG

   Trappers may now register for wolf trapper education online.

   A person must attend a wolf trapper education class and buy a trapping license before buying wolf trapping tags. Classes are offered in all regions of the state, but trappers must register to take the class. At least seven people must register for a class or it would be cancelled.

   The eight-hour class provides students with interactive, hands-on training from experienced, certified trapper instructors.

   The curriculum includes wolf management; wolf trapping regulations and ethics; wolf habits and behavior; making, rigging and setting traps and snares; proper care for a wolf; reporting requirements.

   The cost is $8 per student. Online registration includes an additional convenience fee of $1.24.

   To register go to