June 7, 2012

Chinook limits lowered on Clearwater

By Niels Nokkentved, IDFG

   Effective Saturday, June 2, the bag limits on adult Chinook salmon was reduced for parts of the Clearwater drainage.

   The new bag limit is four salmon per day, but only one may be an adult, and 12 in possession, but only three may be adults. Adults are 24 or more inches in length.

   The new limits affect the Clearwater River main stem from the Camas Prairie Railroad Bridge upstream to the South Fork Clearwater, and the Middle Fork Clearwater River from the confluence with the South Fork River up-stream to the confluence of the Lochsa and Selway rivers.

   To date, about 30 percent of the harvest share for the Clearwater River has been taken. Anglers in the region have expressed a desire to have fisheries open until early July if possible and have consistently voiced support for management actions that might help extend sea-sons to meet that goal.

   Lower flows and good water clarity in the Clearwater have contributed to rapidly in-creasing harvest rates and increasing likelihood that the fishery harvest share will be attained before July unless management action, such as reduced limits, is taken.

   All other rules and seasons remain unchanged. For details see the 2012 Chinook salmon pamphlet or the Fish and Game website at http://