Clearwater Community Concert Association survey

   The Clearwater Community Concert Association (CCCA) board is seeking feedback from concert members and the community regarding future concert seasons. Memberships have declined the past two years, resulting in fewer funds to book artists for the upcoming season. We are asking the community and our current members to tell the CCCA board how you would like to see this concert association continue in our community.

   Please complete the following survey questions and return to a CCCA board member or mail to: CCCA, P.O. Box 1614, Orofino, ID 83544. Please return by Thursday, March 15, 2012.

   Questions may be directed to board members: Kenda Tribble (476-3265), Loy Mechling (476-5636), Christine Brown (435-4305). Other board members are Richard and Margaret Whitten, Jan Holzer, Kathi Howard, Jean White, Alice Hardy, and Joanne Hutchinson.

   1. What would you suggest we do to increase membership and funding in the future?

   2. What kinds of artists would you like to see perform in our community concert series? Do you have any suggestions for particular artists?

   3. How would you suggest we tackle booking performers with a declining budget and coping with rising costs for artists to travel and perform here?

   4. Would you be willing to pay more for a season membership to maintain our three concert series each season? Currently memberships are $30 student; $40 adult; $110 family; $50 patron; $250 sponsor; $500 patron.

   5. Would you be willing to keep membership prices the same and reduce the number of concerts to two per concert season?

   6. Would you approve of moving the annual membership campaign from October to April or May?

   7. Would you or someone you know be interested in joining the CCCA or serving as a CCCA board member? Please give name and phone number to be contacted.

   The CCCA has been alive and well supported in this area for almost 40 years. Over the past years the national concert association has evolved into local communities working on their own to provide quality entertainment for their members. The CCCA is completely funded by memberships purchased during our annual campaigns. We rely on those monies to pay for the artists we book for each concert season. Thus we are asking you to give us your feedback on how you would like to see the CCCA continue.

   Please return your responses to the survey questions by April 1. We value your opinion. Thank you from the Clearwater Community Concert Association board members.