Pierce Winter Festival enjoys blue skies and great turnout

   Visitors were happy to see the sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful blue for the Pierce Winter Festival this past weekend. Nineteen teams competed in The Ice Man Relay, organized by Greg and Diane Gerot with an abundance of helpers. The Ice Man contest is a three part race with snow shoeing, running and sledding and the final person runs and jumps in icy Orofino Creek. Scroll down to see photos of the festival, including several of the hilarious bar stool race.

Ice Man Jump – Tristan Bonner (Photo by Harv Nelson)

Lacy Bonner – Winning Girl’s Ice Man Team Jumper (Photo by Harv Nelson)

Orofino Creek – Last Leg of the Ice Man Relay (Photo by Jennifer Billups)

The Outback Ice Man Team – Mary Jo Medley, Val Armichardy, Linda Turrill (Photo by Harv Nelson)

ATV Treasure Hunt – Leavitt Family (Photo by Joya Owens)

Kids Crafts (Photo by Harv Nelson)

Rockin Apple Ranch Hayrides – Linda Applington (Photo by Colleen Nelson)

Bike Penquin Horse - Brodi Woodworth, Nathaniel Cheney, Andy Berreth, Levi Woodworth (Photo by Minnie West)

Billups and Karst – Charlie Billups, Justin Karst (Photo by Melissa Skiles)

First and Second – Loren Cowger, Charlie Billups (Photo by Jennifer Billups)

Linda Smith – Winning Wave on her Toilet Seat Racer (Photo by Sarah Nelson)

Patricia Jacks, Linda Smith, Nathaniel Cheney, Andy Berreth, Levi Woodworth (Photo by Jennifer Billups)

Derrick Soles, Charlie Billups, Justin Karst, Loren Cowger (Photo by Minnie West)

Derrick Soles, Linda Smith, Loren Cowger (Photo by Minnie West)

Woman Down – Linda Smith, Levi Woodworth (Photo by Melissa Skiles)

Charlie Billups, Carl Young and Loren Cowger (Photo by Jennifer Billups) 

Winter Festival Shirts – Jessica, Sarah and Colleen Nelson 

Ready for Parade - BJ and Caleb Marshall (Photo by Melissa Skiles)

Mara Skiles and Allison Cook – In Parade (Photo by Melissa Skiles)

Ice Man Winning Girls – Greg Gerot, Aspen Jared, Lacy Bonner and Maddie Brouwers (Photo by Colleen Nelson)

Mia Cram – Girl – “Passport to Pierce” Winner (Photo by Colleen Nelson)

“Passport to Pierce” Boy Winner – Sarah Nelson and son Ben Lawrence (Photo by Colleen Nelson)

Presenting Bar Stool Trophy – Harv Nelson, Loren Cowger (Photo by Colleen Nelson)

Linda Morrison, Harv Nelson – Linda Morrison was $100 Cabelas Card Winner (Photo by Colleen Nelson)