October 20, 2011

October issue of Wildlife Express now available

By Niels Nokkentved, IDFG

   When you think of a parasite, what jumps into your mind? The October issue of Wildlife Express covers parasites, from ticks to tapeworms, including a section on how Idaho's Wildlife Health Laboratory helps keep humans and wildlife healthy.

   Parasitism is a relationship in which one organism gets benefits from another organism often causing some sort of injury. Ticks do this. Ticks feed on the blood of deer to the detriment of the deer.

   Parasites may be found living on and in animals. Parasites may make your skin crawl, but they are a natural part of nature. Most wild animals have parasites. It is hard to find an animal or plant that doesn't have at least one parasite.

   Maybe this issue of Wildlife Express will help change some of the "gross" factors about parasites to "wows."

   Wildlife Express is published nine times a year from September through May by Idaho Fish and Game for upper elementary and middle school students. Each issue focuses on the natural history of an Idaho wildlife species.

   Classroom subscriptions and an Educator's Guide are available for $35 per year and include a classroom set of 30 copies mailed to your school each month.

   Subscriptions of 10 copies or less are available for $20.

   Anyone may sponsor a subscription for their favorite school. To subscribe, fill out the Wildlife Express Subscription Form.

   For information, call 208-287-2890, e-mail Adare Evans at, or write: Wildlife Express, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, P.O. Box 25, Boise, ID 83707.

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