EPA issues permit to resume nutrient enrichment in Dworshak Reservoir 

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   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday that it is issuing a permit to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that authorizes USACE to use nitrogen in the Dworshak Reservoir to maintain favorable conditions in the waterbody.

   After carefully reviewing data collected by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, EPA determined that the use of nitrogen improved water quality in the reservoir. The data showed using nitrogen improved the health of the kokanee population, decreased blue-green algae, improved water clarity and promoted the growth of desirable algae and zooplankton. EPA expects continued use of nitrogen will keep the reservoir on this positive track.

   Community input played a valuable role in crafting the permit, according to a press release issued Friday. EPA incorporated changes into the final permit based on public comments, including increased monitoring and reporting for blue-green algae and water clarity.

   EPA will continue to work closely with USACE to monitor and maintain the health of the Dworshak Reservoir.