August 25, 2011

New rules affect fall Chinook and steelhead anglers

By Niels Nokkentved, IDFG

   New fish rules adopted by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission in July went into effect Aug. 1 as temporary rules, and one affects Chinook salmon and steelhead fishing this fall.

   Most were clarification of definitions or incorporating fish rule changes into state statute.

   The new rules allow anglers to transport anadromous salmon and steelhead without the head and tail attached - but only under a number of conditions:
The fish must be recorded on the angler's salmon or steelhead permit.
The processed fish must have the skin attached, including the portion with a healed, clipped adipose fin scar.

It must be packaged in a way that the number of harvested fish can be determined.

The fish must be processed ashore when the angler is done fishing for the day. No processed salmon or steelhead may be transported by boat.

No jack salmon may be processed in the field.

Processed salmon or steelhead count toward an angler's possession limit while in the field or in transit.

   This rule applies to fall Chinook and steelhead fishing, this fall.

   Other changes that took effect Aug. 1 include a gaff hook may now be used by archery anglers when taking nongame fish, and it is now illegal to tag or mark fish in any way without having first obtained a scientific collecting permit.

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