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Orofino High School: Six New Classrooms
Orofino High School
: Multi-purpose Room
Timberline Schools: Four New Classrooms
Timberline Schools: Auxiliary Gym

Additions proposed for Orofino High School and Timberline Schools

   The Facility Committee, made up of a diverse group of community members, has examined the needs of the District #171 and has recommended a bond levy for additions to Orofino High School and Timberline Schools. The School Board has set the bond levy election date of Aug. 30.

   The six classroom addition at Orofino High School will house seventh and eighth graders and provide restrooms for middle school students. The multi-purpose room addition will provide an auxiliary gym with seating for 200 spectators, restrooms, and space for wrestling, cheerleading and weight training. Existing weight and wrestling rooms will be converted to locker room space.

   The additions will increase the curricular options for all students, provide adequate classrooms and practice facilities, allow re-establishment of a middle school program, and eliminate overcrowding in locker rooms, gym, and weight rooms.

   The four new classrooms at Timberline Schools will replace the portable classroom trailers. The auxiliary gym addition at TS will seat 200 spectators and include a weight/cardio room and restrooms.

   The additions will provide adequate classrooms and practice facilities, provide adequate play area for elementary students during winter and inclement weather, eliminate high utility and rental costs of the portable trailers and increase campus security.

   The initial cost of the projects is $7,735,000 but state and federal programs will save patrons approximately $2.2 million of that cost.