July 28, 2011

   It's hard to believe it is approaching late July, and a lot of Chinook are being harvested in the Clearwater Region. The fishing is quite good. So as you make your summer plans, don't forget about Chinook salmon fishing in the next couple of weeks.

   In the Clearwater River basin, the best Chinook fishing has been in the South Fork Clearwater River with catch rates averaging between five and nine hours a fish. Most of those fish are being caught in the upper river downstream of Steep Rapids. People are still catching fish around Kooskia as well, and it is still worth fishing although catch rates were 14 hrs/fish.

   Finally, don't forget the North Fork Clearwater River for jack salmon. We are actually seeing the highest catch rates (four hours a fish) in this section of river as people are still catching jacks.

   Overall, the pressure was quite light throughout the entire system, and likely will continue to drop. So if you like to fish for salmon and don't like crowds, now is a good time to fish the Clearwater.

   Fishing was once again excellent in the Riggins areas. Catch rates were between four and six hours a fish in those areas most anglers were fishing.

   The best catch rates actually occurred in the Little Salmon River, upstream of Rapid River.

   Fishing pressure did drop through the week; the fishing pressure is very light right now. Likely catch rates will go up (harder to catch fish) this week, but fish certainly can be caught. It's not too often you can fish around Riggins with little competition and still expect to catch some fish.

   Finally, harvest has dropped considerably below Hells Canyon Dam (48 adults and 23 jacks), mostly because few people were fishing. Catch rates were five hours a fish which is considered to be quite good. Another chance to harvest fish, with little competition.

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