June 9, 2011

   Is it really June? The water is raging right now anglers, be aware of high water.

   Spring Chinook season is happening now! Anglers, catch rates are continuing to improve.

   On the main stem of the Clearwater River catch rates this past week are 9 hours for every fish caught. Fish are being caught in the Snake River and North Fork as well. Anglers are using tuna, Kwik fish wrapped with sardines or eggs from boats. Those fishing from the bank are using bobbers and jigs with shrimp.

   Saturday, June 11, is Free Fishing Day in Idaho, and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game invites veteran and novice anglers of all ages, residents and nonresidents alike, to celebrate the day by fishing anywhere in Idaho without a license. Though fishing license requirements are suspended for this special day, all other rules, such as limits or tackle restrictions, remain in effect.

June Fish Stocking Schedule for the Clearwater Region

   Listed below is the number of 9 to 11 inch rainbow trout to be stocked at each location.

May 30 - Dworshak Reservoir, 25,000.

June 1 - Camp Grizzly Pond, 500; Five Mile Ponds, 750; Karolyns Pond, 900; Long Gulch Pond, 500; Palouse River Pond, 500; and Tolo Lake, 300;

June 4 - Hordemann Pond, 400;

June 6 - Campbells Pond, 2,000; Crooked Creek, 500; Elk Creek Reservoir, 5,000; Fenn Pond, 900; Powell Pond, 900; Rapid River Settling Pond, 1,000; Red River, 500; Robinson Pond, 1,000; Snake River Levee Pond, 1,700; and Wilkins Pond, 250.

June 13 - Big Elk Creek, 250; Deer Creek Reservoir, 7,500; Dworshak Reservoir, 25,000; and 500 for Jaypee Mill Pond.

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