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March 3, 2011 Front Page
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March 3 Poll Results
LCSC Nursing Projects
Which of these LCSC community nursing projects would you consider most important for Orofino?

25% Expand the greenway-walking/bicycle path (17)
51% Focus on helping people gain access to health care (35)
13% Focus on expanding physical activity (9)
10% Focus on improving nutrition (7)

This is not a scientific poll.

Story Headlines for March 3, 2011
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  • Read our special edition for Clearwater County's 100th birthday
    On February 27, 2011, Clearwater County turned 100. In celebration, the Clearwater Tribune published a special edition featuring interesting information about Clearwater County's early years. Click on the link above to read it, or pick up a copy in this week's newspaper. The 100 year special edition will remain online on the Special Editions page, which can be found by clicking on the blue Special Editions button above. Read this week's front page or the Clearwater Tribune's blog for biographies of Clearwater County's first officials, appointed by the Idaho Legislature after Clearwater County was officially formed February 27, 1911.

  • Please vote in our poll!
    With our poll this week, the Clearwater Tribune is helping out the Lewis-Clark State College community nursing students. A few weeks ago these students submitted surveys to the Orofino community, asking which of several projects was considered most important. Our poll this week consists of the top four choices returned to them in the surveys. The students’ assignment is to take the top community choice and research it to find out how other communities achieved it with positive results. Then, they will present their plan back to the community. The poll is located in the far left column, and will be open for voting until 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 8.

  • Update on young cancer survivor, Katie Barron
    Katie Barron the six-year-old, Orofino girl who is suffering from leukemia, is doing remarkably well after receiving a bone marrow transplant in Seattle, WA., according to her grandmother, Rita Barron. The little girl was first diagnosed with the disease when she was three-years-old. The doctors in Seattle were concerned that Katie might develop graft-versus-host disease, since immediately following the transplant, she developed a fever. But, her immune system was able to prevent that. “By the grace of God, she did not develop the disease” states Rita. Read this article in its entirety Saturday on our Facebook page,

  • Poem in the Orofino Tribune February 28, 1913
    It would appear that a fellow named Charles Lynch is unhappy about folks who listen in on others' phone calls on the party lines. There are many pleasant features about rural home, But the greatest pleasure known is to “rubber on the phone.” You can hear your neighbors telling facts you never thought they knew, And what makes it hurt your feelings most, the “facts” are really true. You know all of your neighbors business—his joys, his cares and needs; You know just how much wood he cuts and how much stock he feeds. When there’s been domestic troubles in the little rural home, You can find all about them if you “rubber on the phone.”
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  • Letter to the Editor – Gabi Kessel
    In response to everyone who is publishing about the 7th grade drug and alcohol problem in the community. Don’t you want to hear about it from a 7th grader’s point of view? When all those kids were suspended, the school became quiet. At first it was kind of nice. We could hear the teachers better and do our work faster, however, when our work was finished, it was too quiet. It seemed as if the kids were not socializing as much as before. I’m not sure why I felt that way but it just seemed that way. I have read what some of the parents have written about their children and n my opinion they are making excuses for them. Instead of making excuses for them maybe they should be encouraging them to be responsible for their actions and the choices they make.  To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • Letter to the Editor – Michele Cobbs
    We have a serious drug and alcohol problem here in our school district and it is time we do something about it. However, instead of supporting the rules and regulations of our schools, we have parents jumping to their guilty child’s defense and even going to the local media to drum up sympathy for them! When are you going to wake up and realize that your time could be much better spent being proactive in your child’s discipline and actually help them make better choices rather than wasting it with all this complaining? It is a standard set in society that if you make a bad choice there is consequences to be paid. When did we stop enforcing this? To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • Life on the home front…..
    Our twin grandsons, Braylon and Kaden, turned one on Tuesday, March 1. I came back from visiting them Saturday sporting a black eye. It was a very small bruised spot under my left eye and as I tried to rub it off, thinking it was smudged makeup, I had to laugh to myself when I realized it was a very small bruise. I love to crawl around on the floor with the twins when we visit them at their house in Lewiston. I was sitting by Kaden when I got in the way of him flailing a hard plastic toy around. To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • One Day at a Time – What’s the dumbest thing you’ll admit to doing?
    Sometimes there are mistakes one makes that keeps one awake in the middle of the night because we wonder how we could have done such a thing. Other times, they are funny or embarrassing. Other times, we do something without thinking, konk ourselves on the head and say, ‘I could have had a V8!’ Well, we at the Trib will be the guinea pigs for this article, (though no names will be mentioned!). One member of our staff said, “Putting gasoline in my diesel Suburban at Sunset Mart (around $60 worth!). The Suburban died on the way home before I realized what I had done.” To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • Orofino Police Blogger
    This week I would like to inform you about a topic of concern that has received a great deal of attention in our community as of late. I want to share some information with you regarding drug and alcohol use/abuse among school-aged children. With the recent expulsions of five children from the Orofino Elementary School there has been a lot of discussion in the community and in the media regarding this topic. Though most of the attention and discussion has been narrowly focused on these five children, the reality is that drug and alcohol use by school-aged children is a widespread problem. This is clearly not just a school problem or a youth problem, but rather a community problem. Underage drinking and drug use is often detected in the school setting because of the number of caring adults interacting with kids but it is clearly not a problem that only relates to schools.
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  • Timberline basketball team holds off Summit
    Colten Jared found his shooting touch as he scored 28 points as Timberline held off Summit 61-49 on Thursday night in the loser-out game of the 1A Division II District II tournament. The Patriots led for much of the first quarter but Timberline eventually surpassed them. Timberline led 37-27 at the half. In the third quarter the Spartans outscored them 14-10, while in the fourth quarter Summit would give out a good effort but fall 11 points short. To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • A Day in the Life of Fraser
    From the diary of Marie Green, lifelong Fraser resident. March 3: 1954 – Joe cleaned the brooder house. Baby chicks came by mail. I did some mending. Cold east wind.: 1962 – Vicky and Steve helped put up a 4-H display at Greer Rochdale warehouse. I cleaned house and then we went to Lewiston in p.m. and then back to Kendrick to district basketball tournament. Snowed in morning about an inch. 1979 – Joe went to ASCS meeting at the Hall. I worked for a while at the office in a.m., then helped serve chili at the Hall at noon. Claud and Elvita here for supper and we played cards. Mostly clear. To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • Becky Drewery retirement open house March 9
    Becky Drewery, a detective with Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office, retired March 1. The public is invited to wish Becky well at an open house party from 2 to 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 9 at courtroom two in the Clearwater County Courthouse. To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • Pierce-Weippe Chamber of Commerce meeting on Deyo Reservoir
    Join us for the latest updates on the Deyo Reservoir, Monday, March 7, at 6 p.m. The meeting will be held in the basement of the Weippe Discovery Center. Everyone is welcome! The Friends of the Library will be providing refreshments. Our featured speakers are: Joe Dupont, Regional Fisheries Manager, and Marge Kuchynka. To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • Orofino Rural Fire District Commissioners ask Board to sponsor grant application
    Orofino Rural Fire District Commissioners Tim Barnett, Ernie Tuning and Ruth Brown were present at the Feb. 22 meeting to ask the Clearwater County Board of Commissioners to sponsor a grant application for a Community Development Block Grant for a fire district building. The fire district purchased a piece of property near the Orofino Creek/Whiskey Creek Bridge intersection for a satellite fire station. Rachel Stocking, CEDA, will put the project together, get cost estimates from engineers and apply for funding for approximately $250,000 for ICDBG for community development funds. The Board approved for the county to serve as the sponsor for the Orofino Rural Fire District application for ICDBG funds. To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • Pierce news
    Timberline Judo Club is keeping busy, they attended a tournament in Spokane last week- end where they all did a great job. This coming weekend a large group is traveling to McCall to compete and then the following week end they will be going to Boise. Snow, snow and more snow. Pierce is officially buried in white stuff. Over a foot of new snow last night (Monday) and more supposedly on the way.  Everyone is spending the morning plowing and shoveling. I’m not sure of the total depth, just know I can’t see out my window. Will get pictures for next week. To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • Happenings on the Hilltop…
    In a previous column I asked what people would like to see in Weippe in 2011. Lorraine Elam said she would “like to know more about interesting local people’s work, hobby or recreation.” This week we’ll learn a little about Cyndy Koerling and her work. Cyndy does beading, leatherwork and sculpting. Her current projects are mostly sculpting and in particular, sculpting unique, personalized tops to canes. It started when Gene Rivera brought his walking stick and asked if she could sculpt a ram’s head on the top. In addition to being decorative it would make it easier to grip the stick. Cyndy obliged and the finished product is as shown. To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • Cold, windy weather in Fraser
    Oreta and Dale Stuart have been busy feeding their herd of cattle. The drifting snow has made this type of work a little more tedious. Oreta and Shirley Lutes played pinochle at the Rebekah’s Lodge on Sunday. There were four tables, and Shirley and LaDonna Chapman won the pinochle. Mark and Karen Fowler had dinner with Blanche and Vern Kinney and their family on Friday evening. On Sunday they received a telephone call from their son James. He will be working in a different area now and will be home on leave in June. Brad Brown was home for the weekend. Donna reported their son Cory, his wife Michele and their daughters and Derek had lunch at the farm and visited with Brad before he returned home. To read the rest of this article, subscribe or log in.

  • Sportsmen's Report for March 3
    The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) will, once again, be seeking help from the public in early March to collect adult hatchery steelhead for brood stock from the South Fork Clearwater River.  The overall goal of this program is to evaluate if brood stock collected from the South Fork will result in increased runs of steelhead to this river in the future. Currently, the brood stock for the South Fork Clearwater River is collected at Dworshak Hatchery.

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