November 18, 2010

Some upland game seasons are still open

By Ed Mitchell, IDFG

   Though many big game seasons are winding up, many upland game seasons are still open including several upland birds as well as cottontail rabbits and snowshoe hares.

   Hunters will find upland hunting rules and shooting times in the rules brochure at license vendors and Fish and Game offices as well as on the department Website at http://

Seasons still open include:

   California and bobwhite quail through Jan. 31 in northern and southwestern Idaho. Closed in eastern Idaho.

   Chukar and gray partridge through Jan. 31.

   Pheasants through Dec. 31 in Area 1 in northern Idaho and Area 3 in southwestern Idaho; through Nov. 30 in Area 2 in eastern Idaho.

   Forest grouse, which includes ruffed, spruce and dusky (blue) grouse, through Dec. 31 in most of Idaho; and through Jan. 31 in the Panhandle Region.

   Cottontail rabbits through Feb. 28 and snowshoe hares through March 31. The daily bag limit for both is eight, with 16 in possession after the first day.

   There is no season on pygmy rabbits. To distinguish, note that cottontail tails are dark above and white underneath and the pygmy's tail is buffy gray with no white. The cottontail is more than a foot long, and the pygmy is less than one foot.

Contact the local Fish and Game office to determine whether pygmy rabbits are found in your hunting area.

   The fall general turkey season runs through Dec. 15 in game management units 1, 2 (except Farragut State Park and Farragut WMA) 3, 4, 4A, 5 and 6 in northern Idaho.

   All hunters need a valid 2010 Idaho hunting license. In addition, a separate permit is required for hunting sage and sharp-tailed grouse. Turkey hunters also will need tags.

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