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Letters to the Editor for October 21, 2010

Dear Editor:
    Carole Galloway will bring new ideas, abilities and emphasis to county government if we elect her County Commissioner Nov. 2.
Carole exhibited initiative and leadership last spring when she did the calling and organizing that resulted in the hugely successful and well attended public meeting that dealt with the Freeman Creek road/boat ramp closure.

    She was able to draw agency officials, legislators and local governing officials together so they would hear the concerns of dozens of upset local citizens.
Carole believes in informing the public, then listening to the people before making important decisions. She is a strong believer in citizen advisory committees and citizen participation to help make decisions that affect everyone.

    Carole believes Clearwater County should wholeheartedly support Idaho County in Idaho County’s recent initiative to return wolf management to Idaho, which in turn supports our governor and congressional delegation to help solve this problem so vital to our local economy and hunting traditions. Carole has a history of standing up with her family against Big Government agencies on like issues. She is not afraid to boldly speak out against federal or state restrictions on public access and public use of our public lands.

    All of these things plus a background of hardworking rural farm life and family business experience makes Carole an excellent choice for County Commissioner. Vote Carole Galloway Nov. 2.

Hank Carpenter

Dear Editor:

    In the town of Pierce we have a nonpaid city council and mayor. It consists of four council members and one mayor. They meet once a month on the second Monday to handle approval of payments for bills, enact new laws, and approve new items for the town. The mayor is usually at the city hall most weekday mornings to keep check of activities, oversee general items that need immediate approval, and to approve current bills. If the city council needs to be notified, he does so.

    On Monday, Oct. 11, there was a scheduled city council meeting. At any council meeting, at least three council members need to be in attendance. Only two members attended. Phone calls were made to the other two members. One was running his business and could not get away to attend. The other member was too tired and needed to spend time at another business in town and said she would not attend.

    Without a majority of members, the meeting was postponed until a later date. Several items were up for approval and all had to be delayed.
We the people of Pierce need to add another member to the council so this situation does not continue to happen. We also need to have persons on the council who can commit to attend these once a month meetings on a regular basis.

    In addition, there were only two local residents at this last meeting. More Pierce citizens need to attend these meetings and be involved in the decisions of our town.

A concerned citizen,
Gerry Burnett

Dear Editor:

    Are you tired of politics as usual and politicians who fall into lockstep with the party line? Let us introduce you to Keith Allred, who is running for Idaho’s governor.

    Keith believes that the people of Idaho should once again have a seat at the table restored to them in making decisions that affect us all. He believes that the common sense and the common interest of the people should prevail, not the special interests of big business or of the radical far right or far left. Keith Allred will be a governor for all of Idaho.

Dave and Bobbi Bodine

Dear Editor:

    I am writing to express my support for Carole Galloway for County Commissioner. I want to encourage everyone this coming Nov. 2 to perform the important duty of voting. I no longer live in Clearwater County but my family still does and I hope to move back someday soon. In order for people to move back to Clearwater County we need to have people in office who will work for everyone in the county, not just the "good ol' boy network."

    Carole Galloway has worked hard in a variety roles in our community and proven herself to be a person who follows through on what she promises. Carole is a person who will talk with people, really listen and work hard to make Clearwater County a place where there are jobs allowing people like myself to move back.

    Clearwater County is a beautiful part of Idaho but we need jobs again in order for it to be a great place to raise our families. Carole as a small business owner knows how to balance a budget and make wise decisions with money. We need to start running Clearwater County like a small business and in order to do that we need people who are willing to put in the long hours and passion that it requires to be successful.
I know Carole is the best person for the job and I would ask you to support Carole Galloway for County Commissioner by voting on Nov. 2.

Sara Galloway Cook, RN
Glennallen, Alaska

Dear Editor:

    City Coroner Election: With a Physician Assistant and police background, Will Rambeau is a great fit. City Coroner takes a person with both emotional fortitude and medical experience. Will Rambeau has both. We are fortunate to have someone with his training and willingness to serve in this position.

Dr. Jeff Hartshorn

Dear Editor:

If you like Nancy Pelosi, who gave us Obamacare    , vote for Walt Minnick. He voted for her for Speaker of the house last time. If you don't, vote for Raul Labrador for 1st District congressman. It's as simple as that!

Charlotte DeArmond

Dear Editor:

Keith Allred: truly a governor for all

    As Idahoans, we have a rare chance to elect a governor that has the integrity, vision, and wisdom to lead this state into a new future. A future that brings government back to the people and out of the hands of special interests; Keith Allred will govern for all of Idaho, not just the wealthy and well connected. He will lower taxes and properly fund education by cutting the unfair tax exemptions and sweetheart deals that are costing us millions in revenue.
Keith Allred’s strength is focusing on the common values that unite us rather than the differences that divide us. This non partisan approach is reflected in the broad support he is getting from Republicans, Independents, and Democrats throughout the state.

    As Dennis S. Hansen, former Republican Senator from Soda Springs states, “I am very impressed with Keith’s ideas, vision, and ability to solve problems. I was even more impressed when I found that Keith was not tied to any political platform, but primarily concerned about the everyday citizens of Idaho. He is not bought by special interest groups that influence government away from the people.”

Let’s vote for ourselves and our future by electing Keith Allred as governor on Nov. 2.

Mary Ann High

Dear Editor:

    The most important election issue?

    It is not healthcare, government budgets, crushing government debt, joblessness, or even megaloads. It is unbalanced political power in both the Federal and State governments.

    Our system of government was designed to work as a dialogue between opposing points of view, leading to consensus and requiring compromise from both sides. In this type of system, ideas for new legislation must be crafted with an eye to what both sides might be willing to accept.

    What we have now is a controlling majority of left/rightofcenter ideologues trying to cram their ideology down the throats of the minority, and the people. At the national level, the Democrats push the radical left side of their agenda: ever bigger government; reduced popular freedom, more taxes, more debt, etc.

    At the State level Butch (L.C.)* Otter, and his libertarian cronies, along with the states big money interests, use their control of the legislature to continue their rape and pillage of the common people, the taxpayers, of this state.

    Your opportunity at the polls, your responsibility as a voter, is to vote for the minority. Forget about party, campaigns, speeches, rallies. It is all smoke and mirrors anyway. Use your vote to restore ideological balance to government.

    Let's try for some reason, in place of ideology. At the national level, vote Republican. At the state level, vote Democrat.

    * Loose Canon

Fred Eisele,
(Lifelong Republican)

Dear Editor:

    Idaho needs a governor with a passion and background of pulling people (Republicans, Democrats, Independents) together to make wise choices for the common benefit of all of Idaho. We need a governor who looks at all sides of issues, studies the options, and brings people together to make wise choices. Look at his views on education, taxes, jobs, the economy, immigration. Make a choice based on the facts, vote Keith Allred.

Janie Fluharty

Dear Editor:

    We need to elect individuals, regardless of party affiliation, who will put aside politics as usual. We have found one such person in Carole Galloway. In the several years we have known her, we have found that she is completely honest, very candid, and actually holds to the values that many of us give only lip service to. Carole and her husband have a heart for this community and are lifelong residents whose children and grandchildren still live in this county. We heartily recommend that those who care about this community cast their vote on November 2, for Carole Galloway for County Commissioner

Chris and Karen Jensen

Dear Editor:

    Otter’s budget cuts mortgaged our kid’s, state’s future!

    Governor Otter has mortgaged our children’s and Idaho’s economic future by cutting K12 public education funding by 7.5 percent or $128 million dollars more than $400 per student! In 200708, Idaho ranked 49th, spending $6,931 per student; Utah was last, $5,765.

    We used to brag Idaho was ahead of Mississippi in education funding!

    The governor’s Draconian education cuts tied one arm behind our children’s backs in the highly, competitive global economy  where an educated workforce is king. Do we want our children earning a living wage with benefits, scraping by on minimum wage, drawing unemployment or in prison?

    “Whatever the circumstances of our birth, a thorough system of education ensures that every determined Idahoan can realize the American dream,” said gubernatorial candidate Keith Allred.

    Allred passionately believes education is a powerful economic development tool. Keith believes an educated workforce will attract businesses that can grow Idaho’s economy; sustain it through tough economic times.

    By electing Keith Allred governor, Idahoans can send an earthshaking message to the GOPdominated legislature. We’re serious about our children getting a quality education and willingly sacrifice, so they get one; like our parents and grandparents did for us!

    In 2004, Keith Allred founded The Common Interest, a citizen's group of over 1,600 Idahoans—Republicans, Democrats, and independents—who have succeeded in putting common sense solutions ahead of special interest and partisan politics in the Idaho legislature.

More information:

Bill Kibble

Dear Editor:

    Value public education? Vote Keith Allred for Governor, Stan Olson for Superintendent of Public Instruction and Leta Strauss for District 8 Senator. These three candidates have the vision and commitment to work for quality public education for Idaho's children. They understand the real connection and importance of educating our youth to build an expanded economy and retain their talents and skills for a brighter economic future for Idaho.

    Our economic diversity and stability depend in large part on providing that quality public education system today.

    Vote for Allred, Olson and Strauss. Our children need their vision. It's our best insurance for the future.

Roger and Janice Inghram

Dear Editor:

    The elections are here... and let us all ask ourselves when the counting is over will we be proud of the way we voted? There are tough choices to be made for our country our state and our county, and in light of that we must choose persons that can make hard choices, by way of honesty, common sense, integrity, wisdom, and hard work as a guideline to reach solutions.

    Carole Galloway is a lady of that caliber. She stands firm on right to life, states rights, property rights, second amendment rights (to bear arms) and doesn't strive to be "politically correct". Being a small business owner while meeting her family’s needs she's learned about tough budget decisions. Our county has many issues and Carole is dedicated to listening to the needs of the people, and working to meet those needs in a sincere honest way. So let us honor her with our vote Nov. 2.

Thank you,
Jean Stacy

Dear Editor:

    I support Keith Allred for Governor. Keith understands the issues facing north central Idaho and he has helped find us workable solutions. When the longstanding mistrust between native and nonnative neighbors threatened to tear us apart, Allred brought together Nez Perce tribe representatives and 23 local governments. He helped us find a way to live together within the boundaries of the Nez Perce reservation without giving up either our principles or our sovereignty.

    When Otter wanted to change the law so that private prisons could move into Idaho, independent analysis showed that a private prison would cost Idahoans millions of dollars more than the public alternative. Thanks, in part to the hard work of Allred and The Common Interest, this fiscally irresponsible proposal was defeated. Keith Allred learned about the complexities of corrections in Idaho; that means a lot to me because I live in a town where the state prison is a major employer.

    Allred believes there are better ways to balance the state budget than on the backs of school children. Otter refused to let the legislature go home until they agreed to spend more on bridges and roads and then made history by being the first Idaho governor to ever cut public school funding. Idaho already ranked 49th in perpupil spending before the 2009 $128 million dollar cut in the K12 budget. I live in a school district that is already on a four day week and now we are have to make more cuts. This is just not right!

    Keith Allred understands and values the thinking of all Idahoans, not just the corporately connected and has support of both sides of the aisle. I am tired of business as usual and want a Governor who can work with all people. When Cecil Andrus and Laird Noh both agree on something, I listen. Please join me in voting for a better Idaho by voting for Allred for Governor.

Lynn MacEachern

Dear Editor:

    Jim Chmelik is running for Idaho County Commissioner. Jim advocates the return of the culture of life in our society and the overturn of the infamous Roe vs. Wade Supreme court decision. He also strongly supports our laws that protect marriage and the family.

    His opponent calls himself “prolife” but belongs to the Democrat Party whose platform strongly and unequivocally supports the “Roe” decision and a mother’s right to kill her unborn child.

    The prolife issue is a single issue but without the God given right to life as our first and primary right, all the verbiage about county finances and operations is mute.
Please vote for Jim Chmelik for Idaho County Commissioner.

Chuck Uhlenkott

Dear Editor:

    Many in the media, both print and broadcast, seem to want to place everyone in one of two categories: Either Liberal or Conservative. We must recognize that the majority of the electorate is in the center. Likewise, an attempt is being made to categorize people as: Either right or left. Again, we are of the opinion that the majority is in the center. Keith Allred, although running on the Democratic ticket for the office of governor, is in the center, and should be elected accordingly.

    The Republican Party in Idaho is highly critical of the Democratic Party, in Washington, D.C., because it controls both houses of Congress, as well as the Presidency, which it contends makes government out of control. But, they have no trouble justifying the control of both houses of the Idaho Legislatures, as well as the Governor's office, by their party, and telling us that such is only good government. Is that hypocrisy? We need to elect Keith Allred and really have good government! Thank you.

Bill and Lucille Taylor

Dear Editor:

    I’m urgently exhorting my fellow Idahoans to vote true conservative, Raul Labrador, to the U.S. House of Representatives. Never before in our country’s history has our freedom been under such great siege! Our very liberty and way of life are at stake!

    While it’s true that Rep. Walt Minnick (D) has voted against his Democrat Party’s and President Obama’s liberal socialist agenda on some important legislation, the fact is: His Democrat Membership Empowers and Enables the Far Left Wing Democratic Leadership to Have Control of Our Country through Majority Rule! Rep. Minnick is the classic wolf in sheep’s clothing! The current barrage of Rep. Minnick’s approved TV advertising is filled with appalling fraud and deception.

    This election is absolutely Critical for Idaho and our country because Republicans need a net gain of 40 seats to secure the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. It would be devastating for all who love liberty to win only 39 of the needed seats. Please don’t let America fall one seat short because of us in Idaho!
Raul Labrador is a rock Solid conservative who will fight for our freedom! Please vote for Raul on Nov. 2!

Don Swank
Post Falls

Dear Editor:

    Idaho is headed for a train wreck!

    After watching the recent gubernatorial debate I think one thing is clear, Idaho is headed for a train wreck, regardless of who becomes the governor.

    Allred is unequivocal that if he becomes the governor he will not cut education any further. However, with the state already 300 to 350 million short on revenue collections and growing, the only way to prevent more cuts is to raise taxes. Interestingly, he followed by saying the state’s personal income tax was one of the highest in the country and needed to come down to stimulate the economy; a position I endorse.

    So how would he save education from further cuts and reduce the personal income tax at the same time? He would put a sales tax on services. Currently Idaho has about 1.75 billion dollars in sales tax exemptions. However, to offset the current revenue shortfall and provide a reduction in the personal income tax, the amount of sales tax on services needed would constitute the largest tax increase in Idaho history! Allred says he’s an independent running as a democrat, but he sounds like a true democrat to me.

    Otter on the other hand refuses to take further cuts off the table while he ducks the question of whether he’d sign a tax increase into law. He admitted in the debate Idaho is about to go over a cliff. Unfortunately for Idaho, he has no idea or the courage if he did, to know what to do about it.

    I predict, unless there is a major restructuring of government, which will not happen with our current leadership, whoever becomes the next governor will sign into law a temporary tax increase that will become permanent! Otter and the legislature have been living on borrowed time; balancing the budget with federal stimulus and rainy day money. Now the chickens of bad policies and poor leadership in Idaho are about to come home to roost.
So buckle your seat belts and take your pick Idaho, it will make little difference who becomes the next governor.

Rex Rammell
Idaho Falls

Dear Editor:

    RE: “A Time for Change” Carole Galloway for County Commissioner

    I’ve gotten to know Carole this year but feel like I’ve known her forever. When I found out she was running for Clearwater County Commissioner, I was compelled to share my opinion by writing the Tribune.

    For those of you who don’t know her character or her political views, it will be well spent time to learn more about this special person.

    Carole Galloway grew up with five brothers. She learned early in life how to make her self heard above all the males in the family. She still knows how to get their attention and today!

    Her family and her faith are deeply rooted in Clearwater. She and her husband, Ed, raised four children in the home they built on Freeman Creek. They were instrumental in starting the church now known as Orofino Community Church. There is a genuine blend of her beliefs and values which shows through the way she treats those around her. Carole’s sunny disposition radiates her love of life which she lives to its fullest.

    The Galloway’s have been self-employed and are small business owners who know what it means to be fiscally responsible. Carole is creative and able to think beyond “government as usual.”

    Carole believes it is time for change. The Federal Government needs to be kept in check in their attempts to limit access and use of our public lands. We should have equal coordination with the State and the Federal Government on the use of Clearwater County’s natural resources.

    We need to hear from the people of Clearwater County regarding the serious issues we are facing and come finding solutions together. This can be done without the need for more meeting by putting these serious issues on other meeting agendas’ (school board meetings, Fish and Game, and community club meetings, Commissioners Meeting, etc.).

    There are great concerns regarding the Canadian Wolf who continues to devastate our wildlife and big game.

    We need to reevaluate our dependency on government agencies in the future since Americans all over our great country are waking up to the reality our Federal Government as well as some State and County Governments are out of

    control and need to be held accountable.

    We have had two decades of double digit unemployment and job loss. We need new leadership who will work with the people to develop new vision and the direction Clearwater County needs to take.

    I hope you will take time to know more about Carole Galloway  because I know she will make a difference. I live in Moscow and wished I lived in Clearwater County so I could give her my vote!

Ginny Patton

Dear Editor:

    Republicans, Democrats and Independents of Idaho: if you don’t take a serious look at Keith Allred for governor, you are missing the best opportunity our state has had in a very long time.

    It’s not just a campaign slogan – Keith is truly a candidate for all Idaho. It would seem like a dream to have a governor who has the skill, the intelligence and the desire to bring all sides together to work on bettering our future.
Make that dream come true – vote Allred.

Judy L. McHone

Dear Editor:

    I am asking for your vote for Raul Labrador for U.S. Congress on Nov 2. Labrador does not support illegal immigration. He worked to help immigrant families become legal, permanent residents. Raul and his wife, Rebecca, live in Eagle, Idaho, and have five children enrolled in public schools. In the past, he was a Boy Scout and a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America. Raul is endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Idaho Chooses Life. He is also endorsed by the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry and many other profamily and probusiness groups.

    Labrador is a successful small businessman. He has a proven record of standing up for our values and will fight for what’s right. He will protect the taxpayers, not the special interests. More than ever, we need his strong conservative leadership in Congress. As we watch the countdown for Democratic tax hikes which will take place if not repealed, please join me in voting for Raul Labrador for US Congress.

Donna Wassmuth

Dear Editor:

    I have been very favorably impressed by our current county commissioners. They have worked hard and their achievements have been outstanding. They have not always been in complete agreement but have worked in concert to do well. It would be a shame to break up this threesome.

    Their work has been above the call of duty. One good example is their innovative management of the transfer station. Not just a receptacle for our trash but they have reestablished recycling to save money and who hasn’t checked out the Clear Mark store?

    Two of my sons have worked with John Allen in the former C.T.P.A. and admire him for his work ethic and dedication.

    I have known John Allen longer than anyone in Clearwater County. He is a hard worker. He spends many hours helping others. He is an honorable man who has devoted many hours working in the service of Clearwater County. I recommend him highly.

Myrick Pullen

Dear Editor:

    We support Dawn Erlewine for Clearwater County Treasurer. We have known Dawn Erlewine for over 20 years.. She is a hard working, intelligent and respectful person. Her experience as Clearwater County Chief Deputy Treasurer since the year 2001 further makes her the right person for the job. She has proven her ability to efficiently manage the treasurer office under the current economic situation.

    We support Dawn Erlewine for Clearwater County Treasurer. We want to encourage everyone to vote for her on Nov. 2

Terry and Teresa Nelsen

Dear Editor:

    I have known David King for close to 12 years and I can vouch for his honesty and integrity.

    We should expect more from the treasurer than to just collect the taxes. Dave has the skills and the desires to speak up for the people, and be a useful resource to the county commissioners by providing the information they need to make the right financial decisions.

Jim Routh

Dear Editor:

    Who’s talking to our children? My 10 year old informed us she was being pulled out of class to talk to a counselor. OK, why? Her friend was being counseled about some problems with her parents and apparently this counselor thought it a good idea if my daughter tagged along. Not only does my daughter “not” need to be involved but her dad and I were not asked or contacted. When I talked to the other little girls’ mother she told me they had not asked her either!

    Ok, so now I want answers! I contacted the school, the counselor nor the principal, was in on that day so I called the superintendent. I was told I should talk to the counselor, but he’ll look into it. I was at least hoping for a “sorry Mrs. Slavin it won’t happen again and I will call you back”. I urge parents to “get involved”! Ask your children every day, what was your day like?, who talk to you and what did they say? I am not happy with these policies. Leave my daughter in class, she is there to learn.

    Please contact your school principal and superintendent and school board. Let them know your boundaries and protect your child.

Aleta Slavin

Dear Editor:

    The right candidate for the right time is Raul Labrador for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District. Both Arizona Joe Arpaio and former Governor Phil Batt have endorsed Labrador.

    Please join me in voting for this outstanding candidate.

Art Osterberg

Dear Editor:

    Idaho has been in the doldrums for too long, steered by the negative leadership of its legislature and especially its governor. Their answer to economic downturn is cut programs such as education, medicade and needed infrastructure improvements and maintain special tax exemption for those who are most well off.

    Keith Allred is a fresh breeze for all Idaho. As governor, he would bring skill, intelligence and unity to the office. He believes Idaho can lower income tax notes by removing specialinterest breaks and lowering the rate for everyone.

    As a father of three, Keith believes strongly that a solid public education system is the way we help Idaho’s kids get a good start on their lives and careers.

    For these reasons I’m voting for a refreshing change. Keith Allred is my man.

Charles Haight

Dear Editor:

    What makes me qualified to be the Clearwater County Treasurer? Training, experience, community involvement and a proven track record

    Idaho law requires that the counties follow generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB). While serving for decade as a Taxpayer Service Specialist for the federal government, I received extensive training in these two standards, including college accounting courses. I also was trained in researching and interpreting tax law.

    During my service with the federal government, I helped thousands of taxpayers understand the complexity of the law and the proper accounting necessary to be in the compliance with GAAP. My duties included tax research for elected officials and training federal employees in tax law and accounting. I spent three years in the office of the Taxpayer Advocate. Since leaving the federal government, I have been called upon to help resolve the accounting difficulties of dozens of churches and individuals.

    For the past twelve years I have served as a pastor in Orofino. I have come to share the concerns and difficulties facing the citizens of Clearwater County. I raised four children here. I have also devoted time to help out beyond the church, working with the AARP’s volunteer tax preparation program for the past four years.

    Finally, there is my track record. Eight years ago, I recognized and brought to light serious accounting weakness in the budgeting documents. As a result, these problems were resolved. I promise to bring the same expertise and frankness to the office of the Clearwater County Treasurer.

David King
Republican Candidate for

Clearwater County Treasurer

Dear Editor:

    Time for change. Vote for Carole Galloway as county commissioner for that change. She has the knowledge, expertise, and fortitude to do the job of commissioner. Carole has a background of ranching, farming, timber harvest, business owner and teaching. She has learned to be a good listener and therefore a good tactical problem solver. Vote for Carole Galloway if you want the best for Clearwater County.

Deniece Osterberg

Dear Editor:
    This coming election we will cast our votes for Carol Galloway for your county commission. It is time for new ideas and a fresh approach to government.
As a small business owner, Carol has the necessary management skills to bring the jobs to our county. She organized the first public meeting to gain support to reopen Freeman Creek boat ramp. She will take a strong on the wolf issue.
    Carol believes in open government so We the People are part of the government process. On Nov. 2 vote for Carol Galloway for County Commissioner.

Gordon and Ginny White

Dear Editor:
    Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near! Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts and return unto the Lord, and He will have mercy upon him and abundantly pardon! Isaiah 55: 67
This is indeed a time to get out and vote – but more importantly, it is a time to fervently pray that Godly leaders will be elected to steer this country in the right direction – leaders who will be prayer warriors, not afraid to seek God’s guidance for our nation.
    Let’s pray for God’s mercy and blessing and that His way may be made known to us. Let’s all praise Him, praise Him and be glad and sing for joy! Then God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, will bless us and “the earth will yield her increase”. Psalm 67:6. God will bless us and everyone will fear Him and love Him. We must trust in Him, delight ourselves in Him and commit our ways to Him, and He will lead us!
    There is no higher power to turn to than God and the Lord Jesus with the Holy Ghost! He wants us to come to Him, asking, believing. Only He can do impossible, wonderful things!

Harvey Kom

Dear Editor:

    We have individuals who should be elected to Clearwater County offices. They are: Carole Galloway for County Commissioner, David King for County Treasurer and Will Rambeau for County Coroner.

    We have experienced two decades of double digit unemployment and job loss. We need new leadership, vision and input! We need new blood. We need staunch conservatives at the wheel. Let’s all go to the poles in November and vote!

Harvey Kom

Dear Editor:

    Please accept this letter as a full endorsement for Dawn Erlewine to become the next Treasurer for Clearwater County. I have worked with Dawn for the past nine years, as she has held the position of Chief Deputy of the Treasurer’s office. Dawn is hard working, honest, and professional with the up most integrity, to hold this position. She has worked in all aspect of the office, such as tax collecting, finance, investing and public administrating.

    Dawn, her husband Lyle, and her children Alyssa and Jared are lifelong residents of Clearwater County. You won’t find a better person to hold this office, and protect the financial stability of Clearwater County. When you go to the polls on Nov. 2, be sure to vote for Dawn Erlewine, Clearwater County Treasurer.

Jeannie Johnson

Dear Editor:

I have worked for several years on a number of important projects with Carole Galloway, and I believe she would make a fine county commissioner.

She understands what is on the hearts of the people of Clearwater County. She will listen, and she will stand up for what is right even if it is going against the status quo.

Jim Routh

Dear Editor:

    Voters on Nov. 2 have a chance to elect a county commissioner for Clearwater County who will truly represent them and keep them well informed on the issues and decisions that must be faced in this county.

    Carole Galloway’s understands and loves this county and believes voters are entitled to better information regarding county policy. Why are we paying an extra $18,000 a year for a new inexperienced public defender? What program must be cut to pay for this salary increase? How will this better fulfill our obligation to provide an adequate public defense for any county residents?

    Where is the mandated 10 year development plan for Clearwater County? Is it wise not to have a specific plan tailored to our own county?

    Where is the leadership to take a stand for this county? It was Carole Galloway as a private citizen who organized the meeting to protest the closing of Freeman Creek campground and boat ramp. This public stand was key to getting the closures lifted.

    Carole Galloway’s energy and experience as a business owner will help make the decision to lead this county. Her convictions that county proceedings should be openly publicized and discussed can only benefit all of us.

Jon and Ann Nilson

Dear Editor:

    For over 40 years, I have had to drive to town avoiding the potholes. Actually, there was quite a science to it. Well from now on I can enjoy my trips because the Road is Wonderful! I want to thank the commissioners for all their hard work. Without their perseverance, the project would not be done. I thank the road crew who has also been answering the complaints about the road for all these years. It can’t have been easy!

    Now it is our responsibility to not abuse this new surface and keep our speed down. This is still a residential area.

    In this year's elections, it is nice to remember the Commissioner with your vote; Don Ebert, John Allen and Stan Leach. They are a good group that gets things done.

Julie Irby