Letters to the Editor for October 14, 2010

Dear Editor:

  “Why do we elect a Treasurer?” I was asked this question at the Fair. There are three reasons why the County Treasurer is elected rather than appointed.

  First, because the County Treasurer is an enforcer of the Constitution of the United States as well as the Constitution of the State of Idaho. This duty is more than a formality and requires a commitment that is commensurate with an official chosen by the citizens of the county.

  Second, the office of the County Treasurer is a position of advocacy for the citizens of the county. It is the duty of the County Treasurer to safeguard the citizens from inequitable regulation and to be an advocate for fair tax laws.

  Third, a basic principle of accountability is that all financial transactions should be verified by two independent agents. The County Treasurer is elected in order to maintain the independence necessary for proper fiduciary accountability.

  If elected, I will support and uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Idaho, to be an advocate for the citizens of Clearwater County, and to be an independent agent for fiduciary responsibility.

David King
Republican Candidate
Clearwater County

Options after School Bond Election Failed

Dear Editor:

    With the advent of the political season, I implore you not to lose track of pending District 171 school issues with regard to the failure of the “school bond election.”  The School Board, the governing body of the school district, has not accepted the mandate of the voters and is on the verge of pursuing other options to accomplish their original goals of new classroom add-ons, renovation and change at Orofino and Timberline schools.

    At 7 p.m. on Monday evening of Oct. 18, the School Board will meet at Orofino High School (OHS) to decide on an option for follow-on action. As patrons, you owe it to yourself and your fellow citizens to attend this meeting and express your dire concerns with School Board actions.

    In the midst of declining enrollment and a sour economy, this district does not need to indebt us with new construction or unnecessary renovations. Their plan has been suspect from the beginning when they shutdown the Orofino Junior High School (OJHS) as a cost-savings measure. It’s obvious they used the resulting overcrowding as an attempt to leverage the patrons to approve a bond to add-on classrooms at OHS and Timberline.

    On top of that, the district renovated a dilapidated modular at the Orofino elementary during the summer to house the kindergarten because of over-crowding generated by the closure of OJHS. Where did the money come from to accomplish this renovation project? How much was spent in name of cost-savings? What’s wrong with the classrooms we have abandoned at the OJHS?

    As patrons, become activists and write letters-to-the-editor and contact each School Board member with your concerns. They are: Alyce (Reuter) Arnsberg, Don Ebert, Theresa Graber, Amy Jared, and John Schwartz.  Contact information is available at the district website The School Board members have the power of the vote, not the superintendent. They are the ones you must convince as to your point of view.

Trelawney J. Bruce

Americans Tired of Liberty?

Dear Editor:

   Once Americans revolted against Britain’s tyranny for imposing very small taxes on certain transactions in the colonies and then placing a small tax on tea! Then tyranny was met with outrage and a new, free nation was created.

   Today we face a monstrous government which thinks daily of new ways to confiscate the money earned by citizens and dole it out to other citizens in exchange for votes to perpetuate governmental power. Entitlement programs were headed for failure before the socialists added health care to the list.

   If you are made of the sturdy stuff of early Americans you should be outraged and energized to vote for rational, Constitution supporting candidates in the coming election. If you like having your hard earned income confiscated even before you get it home and then paying additional taxes at every transaction with more and greater taxation facing you at year’s end, then vote for the tax and spend socialists that currently hold all power in the United States.

   If you vote to continue the expansion of socialistic government, as we have seen the past 19 months, then you are voting to choke off freedom for your children and grandchildren.

   Freedom or tyranny is the choice on Nov. 2!

Charlie Pottenger

Dear Editor:

   A few long-time Republican friends and mentors broke ranks and endorsed the Democrat for Governor earlier this year. They’ve been urging me to join them and I’ve listened carefully to their arguments. In the end, I remain unconvinced and will vote to re-elect Governor Otter.

   My choice is influenced by two observations.

   First, Governor Otter has done what the people of Idaho asked him to do.  He managed the State of Idaho in a solid, fiscally responsible manner. In rough economic times, he pared back the size of government, but not indiscriminately. Education fared much better than the rest of government, which reflects Idahoan’s priorities. At every step, Otter’s actions were exactly what he promised to do. He did not mislead me, or violate my confidence.

   Second, his opponent, by contrast, has proven untrustworthy.  This observation pains me, because the argument most frequently used to entice my defection was that “unlike Governor Otter, the Democrat shares my religious values.” Honesty in one’s personal and professional dealings is a fundamental tenet of my faith, and yet I have found it completely lacking in the Democrat’s gubernatorial nominee.

   Such an accusation begs proof. Earlier this year I chaired the association that represents Idaho businesses. That group took exception when the Governor’s opponent criticized the State for being “too economically pessimistic.” We, in business, see the present economy lacking the fundamentals for rapid growth. Budgeting on an overly rosy scenario leads to holdbacks and budget deficits, so the business lobby countered on a website entitled “” The Democrat cried “unfair” and demanded we reconsider our position. I engaged in a respectful exchange, but at the end e-mailed him a polite note saying that we’d made our point, and would just have to agree to disagree. He acknowledged receipt.

   To my surprise and frustration, that receipt was followed by a statewide press release thanking the business community for withdrawing its website and admitting error. That was simply untrue, forcing association board members to set the record straight. The Democrat’s press release was a lie, designed to mislead the million Idahoans who weren’t copied on the e-mail exchange.

   On Election Day, I can’t say my religion stays outside the polling booth. My value system teaches me the importance of integrity. As I apply that to the key issues in this year’s election, I will be voting for Governor Otter.

Trent Clark
Soda Springs

   Trent Clark is a resident of Caribou County, and recently served as Chairman of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry.  He is also a past Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party.

Dear Editor:

   Clearwater county voters, Nov. 2 is just around the corner. I wonder how our children will remember the day. Will they be proud of how we voted, or will they remember we voted for the status quo, and continue to spend money we don't have. Rack up debt we can't pay for, and leave the bill for them. On Nov. 2, we'll either start making hard choices, or our children will not have the chance to inherit the same country we did. Who we vote for matters!

   In Clearwater County the same people seem to get voted into office time again, and nothing changes. Well now we have a chance to make a difference. Running for Clearwater County Commissioner is a lady by the name of Carole Galloway. Carole is finally a breath of fresh air. Somebody with new ideas and not afraid to make hard choices. Carole is a small business owner, and parent. She learned what it takes to make those hard choice while raising a family, and running a small business. For those who know Carole, and will get to know her when she becomes a commissioner they'll find a lady who won't be afraid to stand up to the politicians in Boise, and Washington D.C.

   If you’re happy with the way things are going in Clearwater County then Carole is not person to vote for, but if you want something different, if you want something better for your children then on Nov. 2, cast your vote for Carole Galloway.

Bill Alberts

Dear Editor:

    When I think of a family that possesses a strong moral commitment to God, to family and to country, I think of the Felix and Sherry Nuxoll family.   When Sherry made the decision to run for the Idaho Senate, Eighth District, it was a decision that was made with the full support of her husband and family, because that is how they do things—as a family. 

    As long as I have known them, they have been strong advocates of life which is reflected in the love they have for each other and for each of their six beautiful children and three grandchildren.

    The pro-life issue is one of the things that have always been dear to their hearts. I know with all certainty that Sherry will reflect and aggressively defend familial and pro-life values and rights if she is elected to the Idaho Senate.

    I encourage all to support and vote for Sherry Nuxoll for the Idaho Senate District 8 this November 2. 

Kerry Uhlenkott

Dear Editor:

   Carole Galloway is a District 3 Clearwater County Commissioner candidate. It is my opinion that Carole will do an excellent job. She is dedicated to solving our problems in tough budget times. She will work hard to solve the wolf problems, support weed control, access to Dworshak Lake, tourism and new industries coming to Clearwater County. I support Carole Galloway. Please vote Nov. 2.

Pete Curfman

Dear Editor:

   America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and loose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”. – Abraham Lincoln

   The Constitution creates our Republic and limits the power of the central government. However, we, the citizens and our representatives, are slowly surrendering our founding principles, individual’s freedoms and states’ rights to a domineering centralized government.

   Consider these facts:

   Today, for example, the federal government controls – without Constitutional authority – banking, the credit and securities exchange, car companies, medical care, and unemployment insurance/benefits.

   The federal government promises benefits but has no way to pay for them. Social security, Medicare, government and public pension plans are examples.

   Regulatory agencies such as the DEQ and EPA or the Endangered Species Act limit economic growth potential and our ability to compete internationally. Regulations that “protect” the environment, natural resources and reduce energy usage are in reality controls that curtail manufacturing, limit job creation and hurt farmers, families and business. How many jobs disappear because we cannot utilize our resources such as oil, coal, timber, or productive agricultural land?

   Our representatives pass legislation without reading bills that contain more taxes, more entitlements, more bureaucracy and greater control over the economy and us. The role of government is not to mandate behavior or buying habits. Yet we are being told what light bulbs, toilets, showerheads, gasoline and medical insurance to buy.

   America now owes more than Americans are worth. Our elected representatives are responsible for the unconstitutional financial burden. Remember, the representatives are one President, 535 Congress people and nine Supreme Court justices – 545 people represent, not control, 300 million.

   For some time “we the people” representatives and electorate, have ignored our founding principles of small government and individual freedom. Today we are witnessing the destruction of our Republic from within. The consequences of past and present policy decisions are unsustainable debt. Irresponsible spending, corruption, greed of special interest groups, laziness of some, and lack of personal honor in many.

   Our votes will determine the longevity and survival of our Republic. Will we falter and allow the government to “take care of us” with more legislation? Will we encourage self sufficiency and personal responsibility? Will we have courage to choose limited government in order to protect individual freedom and maintain states’ rights?

   Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Memorize the Bill of Rights. Decide. Vote Nov. 2.

Pat Baxter

Dear Editor:

   Idaho now faces a critical election this Nov. 2. Please join me in the battle of protecting unborn children by helping to elect Raul Labrador to the United States Congress.

   Since being elected to the Idaho House in 2006, Raul Labrador has proven to be an effective pro-life leader; he has supported and voted for key profile legislation throughout his legislative career and has earned a 100 percent pro-life voting record. He has voted to allow a woman the right to view the ultrasound image of her unborn child before an abortion is performed on her, and he was also a sponsor of the Conscience Protection Bill for health care professionals.

   Raul has and is aggressively opposing the Obama Health care law which will provide government funding for health plans that pay for abortion on demand and which will lead to the rationing of life saving medical treatments. For being such a strong advocate of life, he has been endorsed by the National Right to Life Political Action Committee.

   His opponent Walt Minnick supports a policy of abortion on demand and voted against an amendment that would have prohibited federal funding of abortion on demand in all parts of the Obama health care bill. He has also been indorsed by NARA – National Abortion Rights Action League.

   Please join me in supporting Raul Labrador, the only pro-life candidate running for the First Congressional District for United States Congress.

Kerry Uhlenkott

Dear Editor:

   John Allen has been a neighbor and kind friend for all the 45 years he has been in Clearwater County. I challenge anyone to find a more dedicated, thoughtful, kind person. All his years as our county’s commissioner, he’s worked daily, all week for bettering this county. He takes on extra jobs in order to save us money for operating as a county. His past experience in this capacity gives him the advantage of an overview of the complexities involved to run this county. His work toward this end never ceases to amaze me. John’s honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. Let’s show John we appreciate all of this dedication on Nov. 2.

Sally Shawley