Letters to the Editor for October 7, 2010

Dear Editor,

   Iíd like to call the peopleís attention to Carole Galloway who is running for County Commissioner. She has a very unusual quality, she is honest. There is no personal gain in her agenda. She is there to serve, which is a very unusual quality among todayís politicians.

   She is a lifetime resident that has the time and desire to study the issues and make her decisions based on common sense and Christian integrity.

   The whole government process, all the way to the White House begins with County Commissioners. Theirs is where the buck stops.

John Gilliam 

Dear Editor,

   On Oct. 18 the school board will be declaring what to do in regards to school facilities. It is important for patrons to take this opportunity to voice their opinions. The failure of the school building bond necessitates reevaluation. Your input is needed.

   Whatever decisions are made will be long term, so even if your child is in kindergarten or not even in school yet, this will affect them. Our schools affect the entire community and therefore, the community needs to be involved.

   The board meeting will be at OHS Monday, Oct.18 at 7 p.m.

   If your have any questions contact your representative at ( or call the school district at 476-5593.

Alyce Arnsberg

Dear Editor,

   To those of you who think you understand the Constitution FOR the United States (as I thought I did):

   Recently I acquired a document(s) containing over 1,000 pages of vast research on the provisions of the Constitution by many attorneys, legal scholars, and a Law Professor (Dr. Dale). What I have discovered is that I know (knew) nothing of our countries most precious document. The level of our ignorance of this document is beyond me.

   In those said pages, many issues are revealed and made clear. The first document was titled ďTHE NATION THAT NEVER WAS.Ē I thought that was an interesting title, so I read it. What was revealed by extensive research, historical documents, and writings of those involved in the creation of the United States, as most of us are led to believe, is simply not what we think.

   In short, what we like to call the United States does not exist in law. It is a fraud. As a documented example, did you know that the ď10 miles squareĒ of Washington D.C. (District of Criminals) is actually only 6 1/2 miles square? I didnít. Never gave it much thought, just believed that to be the case. Why? When George Washington discovered he had been defrauded, he requested the 3 1/2 miles square he had donated to be returned. Fraud from the very beginning.

   As Dr. Dale pointed out in a telephone conversation, the Founders prayed over every word of the Constitution. I believe Providence has its hand in those words, for a reason. The Constitution is an amazing document when you understand it. Iím beginning to. So what we have is an ALLEGED United States government and an ALLEGED Congress. Every ABC department (CIA, FBI, DOJ, FDA, on and on) are illegal, unlawful, and unconstitutional from the get go.

   The Constitution has been circumvented over and over again by those in Congress and WH administrations. There has never been a Commander in Chief because the process for doing so, constitutionally, has never been done. As one congressman stated not too long ago, ďOh, we pass unconstitutional laws all the time.Ē As if that makes it okay. He should have been jailed immediately, prosecuted, and imprisoned, at a minimum, and still should.

   Most could be undone with the stroke of a pen, but the alleged Congress would have to understand the limitations of the Constitution and obey its mandates. We the People are still in control, but not for long if we donít force the powers to be to obey the law or go to jail. We are NOT a nation of laws; we ARE a nation of men. And much mischief has occurred and will continue if we are not more vigilant. Not much time left. Get involved. There is much more to say, but Iím over the limit as it is.

Gary Harvey

Dear Editor,

    Poor Congressman Minnick.  Since he canít campaign on his own accomplishments or on the ignoble performance of his Democratic Party, Walt is forced to distorting his opponentís record and positions.  Witness his recent advertisements which lie about Raul Labradorís stance on the illegal immigration issue and have caused even his own supporters to request he pull them from further broadcast. 

    And in examining Mr. Minnickís own record in Congress it is easy to see why heís attacking instead of defending.  During his two years in the House, Mr. Minnick has sponsored 27 bills and amendments.  Fifteen of those are so popular that they have garnered either none, or one other sponsor.  The only bill that has reached more than a few co-sponsors is HR5933, the Veterans Education Assistance Improvement Act of 2010, something even those evil, extreme and racist Tea-Partiers would support.  Six of his motions are ďsense of the CongressĒ type of meaningless declarations, including one decree congratulating the achievements of the Boise State football team, and one noting the Vandalís victory in the Humanitarian Bowl.  Wow, real benefits to the American people. 

    Aside from the kudos to our college athletes, only one of Waltís resolutions has passed this session.  His HR879 Ė Supporting the Goals and Ideals of the American Education Week - which was indeed a real bonus to Idahoans.  Unless, of course you believe that the U. S. Government has no constitutional mandate to be involved in public education at all, but thatís another issue.  In light of the incumbentsí rather anemic record, it is no surprise to me that he is campaigning on distortions and obfuscation rather than on any significant benefits to his constituents. 

    Mr. Minnick further brags about opposing his party, but the fact is he has supported Speaker Pelosiís program over 95% of the time and is only allowed to buck the tide when they donít need his vote.  Letís replace Congressman Minnick and in the process fire Nancy Pelosi. 

Dennis Fuller

Dear Editor,

   I would like to publicly thank John Jared and his employer Mike Bird for their quick action that kept the grass fire on our ranch a small one. Thanks also to CTPA and Empire Lumber for their able and quick response in extinguishing the fire. 

   Itís great to be in Clearwater County where people still know what it means to be a good neighbor.

John Bradbury

Dear Editor,

   Last week in the Clearwater Tribune our districtís superintendent put forth his new proposals to deal with our school districts space problems for our children. The district has also changed its meeting place to the high school cafeteria to accommodate what is hoped to be an increase in participation at the meetings.

   This got me thinking about how; we might look at our participation at school board meetings in general. There are approximately 4500 registered voters in our school district and unknown numbers to my knowledge of personal property tax payers. The one thing we all have in common is that we are all stockholders in this corporation (District 171). The board is in fact the board of directors overseeing an 11 million plus dollar business on our behalf. The board has selected Mr. Durkee as the districts chief administrative officer to oversee all the functions of this mini corporation.

   Itís time to come forward and let your voice and good ideas be presented to your board of directors so they can act responsibly on your behalf. Please donít be intimidated but let your voice be heard at this next board meeting or write a letter to your trustee expressing your views on these new proposals.

Dean A. Gimmestad