Changes to Clearwater Tribune Online take effect Aug. 19

   If you’ve been reading the Clearwater Tribune over the past few weeks, you’ll know that we’re going to begin charging for access to portions of our website,, beginning with the Aug. 19 issue.

   These changes will not affect the print version of the Clearwater Tribune. It will still be delivered to stores Wednesday afternoon and mailed out to subscribers every Thursday morning. The prices for print only subscriptions are not changing.

Free content

   Not all content will require payment in order to be accessed. Still free to view will be select article headlines, late-breaking news, obituaries, legal notices, classified ads, Rex Theater show times, Quote of the Week, weather, the online poll, the Commissioners’ Proceedings agenda, Helpful Links, and the Community Calendar. Also free to view will be each week’s entire front page.

   When the changes take effect we will begin posting our special editions (graduation, fair days, and vacation guide) online, and those will be free to view.

   Free content will be updated every Thursday.

Paid content

   The paid portions of Clearwater Tribune Online will be a PDF of each week’s complete issue, archives beginning with the Aug. 19 edition, and a brand new page called Online Only News.

   Each week’s entire issue of the Clearwater Tribune will be posted online every Wednesday evening. At present we do not put every news item, photo, and ad online.

   The complete issue will open as an Adobe PDF. Once it is posted, online subscribers will be able to see and search through every article, photo, and ad.

   You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free program, installed on your computer to view the PDF. Most computers come with Adobe Reader already installed. The latest version can be downloaded for free at

   If you’re not sure you have Adobe Reader installed, try opening the online update ads currently posted on our homepage. You can also try each week’s front page (beginning Aug. 19), which will also be in PDF format. If these items open on your computer, you should be able to open each week’s complete issue.

   High speed internet is recommended, as the PDF will open more quickly with a faster internet connection.

   The Online Only News page, also part of the paid access, will feature daily updates of news and editorials on a wide variety of topics that we don’t have room for in the print version. Many will not be particular to Clearwater County, but will cover topics our readers may find interesting.

   Beginning with the Aug. 19 issue, archives will require paid access in order to be viewed. Archives posted prior to Aug. 19 will remain free.

Free preview

   On Thursday, Aug. 12, a complete PDF version of that week’s issue will be posted online, and can be viewed absolutely free of charge.

Types of subscriptions

   We are now offering three types of subscriptions: online only, print only, or combo.

Print only

   Print only subscriptions are what all subscribers currently have. The paper will be sent to you in the mail. The prices are not changing; they remain (per year) $38 regular and $33 senior rate for Clearwater County, Peck, and Lenore, and $46 regular and $43 senior rate in all other areas of the U.S. Print only subscribers may visit our website and view all free content, but will not have access to the paid parts.

   If you do not visit our website and wish only to receive the Clearwater Tribune in the mail, stick with your print only subscription. No action is required on your part.

   Redesigned renewal cards will go out beginning at the end of August. When your paper comes due, be sure to use the rates under the print only column on the left, so that you don’t pay for something you don’t want.

Online only

   Online only subscriptions give you complete access to the paid portions of Clearwater Tribune Online. The paper will not be mailed to you.

   For less than 80 cents per week you will be able to view online an electronic replica of each week’s entire newspaper, and do so as early as Wednesday evening. You will also have access to PDF issue archives beginning Aug. 19, and be able to view the frequently updated Online Only News page.

   You may sign up for an online only subscription at once paid access takes affect Aug. 19. Your e-mail address will be your username, and the password is of your choosing.

   PayPal securely processes all payments. If you have a PayPal account, you may pay that way, but it is not required. If you do not wish to use PayPal or don’t have an account with them, all major credit and debit cards are accepted.

   Online only subscriptions cost $40 for one year, $30 for nine months, $20 for six months, or $10 for three months. At this time we do not offer two-year online only subscriptions, but may do so later on.

   After you sign up online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with details about your subscription. Please save this e-mail for future reference.

   To finalize the subscription, you will need to click on the confirmation link in the e-mail. Once that is done, your e-mail username and password will give you access to our website’s paid portions.

   Online only subscriptions renew automatically, so if you do not wish to renew, you must cancel the subscription before the renewal date. For example, if you sign up Sept. 1, 2010, you must cancel before Sept. 1, 2011.

   If the automatic renewal occurs and you did not wish to renew, contact us at (208) 476-4571 or and we will stop your online only subscription and issue a refund.

Combo subscriptions

   Combo subscriptions are for readers who want to receive the paper in the mail and view the paid access parts of

   Initially, those who want a combo subscription will need to e-mail us at and let us know. We will need the name and address your subscription is under (if you currently subscribe), the e-mail address and password you wish to use for online access, and your preferred method of payment.

   If there are less than six months left on your subscription (as of Aug. 19), you may sign up for our online paper at no extra charge, but when your subscription is up for renewal, you must renew at the combo rate to keep your online access.

   If six months or more remain on your subscription, we ask that you pay a few dollars to obtain online access. The amount will depend on how many months remain on your subscription, and when you contact us, we will look that up for you.

   New renewal cards that include combo subscription rates will be mailed out beginning at the end of August. You may also renew at the combo rate at that time. For as long as you renew at the combo rate, your online account will remain active.

   On one side of the card will be a place for your e-mail address. It is very important that you include this, so we may e-mail you brief, simple instructions on getting signed up for our website’s paid content.

More benefits

   Not only will you be able to read the entire paper online at early as Wednesday evening, but we do not put restrictions on how many computers can access our online paid content using the same login information. Share with family members, co-workers, or employees.

   If you’re an advertiser, know that your ad will automatically go online, whether it’s a thank you, birthday wishes, or for a business.

   Photos in the complete PDF will be in color. They, along with news articles and ads, can be copied from the PDF.

   Each week’s complete issue can be saved to your home computer, and from there, can be searched using Adobe Reader’s helpful search feature in the Edit menu. Create your own archives and search them anytime you want.