AUGUST 12, 2010

Happenings on the Hilltop…
(Weippe news)

By Nancy Tschida

Fire Department Car Wash

    Remember to support the Weippe Fire Department by attending the Bake Sale and Car Wash Saturday, Aug. 14. The money earned helps these volunteers give to the community when disaster strikes.

“Just For Fun”
Weippe Public Library

    A “Girls Only Night” for ages 11-19 will be 7-9 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 12. A focus will be on digital makeovers, which girls can do for themselves and their friends on the computer. The library has subscribed to an online digital make-over sight, and are going to do actual makeovers on each other. So bring your makeup and a friend! It'll be a lot of fun and one lucky girl will win a professional make-over!   

  Then on Friday, Aug. 13, we are going to have popcorn and a movie at 2 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come watch the movie "Horton Hears a Who!"

Learn to Make Music

    Want to learn a new skill or perfect skills that are a bit rusty? Miles Music is now accepting new students for the upcoming school year. Call 435-4600 for more information.  This local opportunity is another plus for our community.

Hilltop Gardening tour

    Lorraine Elam coordinated and hosted the Hilltop Gardening tour. The tour began in downtown Weippe at Janet O’Crowley’s lush garden.

    As Orofino members drove into town, they were greeted by her Shirley poppies and golden Calendulas. Plants thrive and flowers bloom where a few years ago there was a desolate lot.

    Janet has created a beautiful garden in the center of town that is a bright and cheery welcome to all arriving in Weippe. Her addition of flowering beauty to the city has made a significant impact.

    Then the group traveled out of town to Marge and Ed Kuchynka’s “The Someday Ranch” and learned about how they created their lovely pond and  made their “dream came true”;  for, this is now their ranch and home. Ed explained the details of constructing the pond and how this fit into their dreams and life. Their return to Weippe made their “Someday Ranch” into the “Today and Always Ranch”.

    The next stop was on Three Mile Road to view less structured gardening using a variety of experimental methods. Here, a natural habitat is being created for birds and wildlife as well as domestic animals and people. Included are organic gardens, a wildlife pond, gazeboes, and yard ponds, a huge fire pit, interspersed with varied outdoor art.

    Experiments discussed were - sustainable agriculture practices; weed blocks using yard cloth, straw, and/or chips; mulch from coconut coir, paper, and organic materials; natural fertilizer and weed and bug control from domestic animals; and chicken tractors’ use.

    Lorraine Elam’s home and garden concluded the tour. The area is beautifully landscaped with a greenhouse and composting area adjacent to her garden. Vegetables, fruits, and flowers all flourish in the care of this master gardener. The entire outdoor living area is inviting and a perfect example of what passionate hard work and skill is capable of accomplishing in one year. A gourmet lunch was served as members discussed gardening methods and the new techniques each uses to create the special areas where they garden.

    There were ten tour guests who are members of the “Clearwater Compulsive Gardeners”. Traditionally, this group organizes tours to local gardens and /or nurseries semi annually. It is a loose-knit group that welcomes anyone to join who is interested in gardening.

    Regular monthly meetings are held in Orofino at the Extension Office on the first Tuesday of the month at 12:30 p.m. These meetings will resume in October. Since this group arranges tours, it’s always best to call and confirm the meeting time and place. Those interested in visiting a meeting or joining may call Lorraine Elam at 435-4516.

Senior Meal Site lunch menu

    Thursday, Aug. 12, – Fish sticks with tartar sauce, green salad, fruit and cake, and milk. Typically, soup is served prior to lunch on Thursdays. This is a special treat everyone enjoys.

    Monday, Aug. 16, - BBQ beef on a bun, green salad, Jell-o, fruit, and milk.

Family Visit

    Saturday evening Dolores Watson was surprised by a visit from her oldest brother, Dorian Thomas of Kent, WA. He and his daughter, Sherry Hanks, visited with Dolores until Monday morning. They dropped in while traveling home after visiting his son, Mike, in Missoula.

Power Outage

    Scuttlebutt is last Monday night’s power outage was caused by an Osprey nest catching fire near Greer.