AUGUST 12, 2010

Why? The reasons behind the Joint School District No. 171 Bond Levy Election

By Angela Baldus

   For the next three weeks articles will be submitted by the building administrators about the needs of their building that will be addressed by the passage of the Bond Levy election.  The election will be held on Thursday, Sept. 2.

Purpose of Bus/Loading Zone and Kitchen Remodel

   The current loading and unloading zone at Orofino Elementary presents a danger to students. Currently the buses load on the West side of the building, in the same location where the current parking is located for parents who are picking up their students and also for high school students who are arriving for practice held in the gymnasium and outdoor fields. 

   An increased number of parents transport their kids to and from school. Buses block the ability of parents to leave the parking lot until the students are loaded. Students who walk have to cross in between the buses, which presents a danger.  During the course of the year there are many near misses of students getting hit by cars, even with the presence of crossing guards. The proposed plan would improve parking and provide a safe way for students to arrive and leave school daily.

   The current kitchen was built in the 1950s and has no significant remodel since that date. It currently doesn’t pass inspection and health standards and risks being shut down. The passage of the Bond Levy would correct Health Department violations and replace antiquated equipment allowing us to provide healthy breakfast and lunch for our students.

   If you have any questions, please call building administrator, Angie Baldus at 476-4212 or email her at