AUGUST 12, 2010

Timberline All School Reunion, encompassing 40 years, 1970 – 2010, met during Pierce 1860 Days with over 200 attending. Photo by Woody Bausch. For prints, call Woody at (208) 476-7737.

Pierce 1860 Days a huge success

By Kathy Coles

   Pierce 1860 Days has come and gone, and we hope everyone had a wonderful time! We have heard from a variety of great people, including vendors, Pierce businesses, the softball tournament, the kids’ fishing derby, and parade participants, among a few, who have indicated their pleasure and success in the weekend.

   We have to thank everyone, from the organizers of various groups such as the Timberline All Class Reunion and the Timberline Lions Club, for helping this event be the biggest in a very long time. Thanks also go out to our Legends of the West street shooters, and the Hell’s Canyon Ghost Riders for kicking up the old west excitement a notch.

   Here are results of our contests and drawings. We apologize ahead if anyone was missed.

Kids’ fishing day

    Kids’ Fishing Derby, the winners were: 11 and Under: 1st place, Christofer Karn, Moscow; 2nd, Cassidy McCoy, Lewiston; 3rd, J.D. Carver, Pierce. 11-14 group, 1st, Alex Light, Lewiston; 2nd, Cade Mago, Lewiston; 3rd, Darrin Patterson, Lewiston. The youngest fisherman was Caleb Marshall, 2, of Pierce.

Ducky Derby

    Ducky Derby, sponsored by the Timberline Girls Basketball; 1st place for $100, was Debbie Maki, 2nd; for $75; Harper Haynes; 3rd for $50; Janice Hartig; 4th; for $ 25., Kirsten Cook.

Berry Bake-off

   The Berry Bake-Off winners were: Cake; 1st, Diane Forsman; 2nd, Judy McKinstry; 3rd,Carmen Griffith; Pie; 1st, Amy Jared, 2nd, Joy Hall; Bread; 1st, Nancy Maki; 2nd, Michelle Nelson; 3rd, Joy Hall; Misc., 1st, Nancy Maki; 2nd, Dorie Stacy; 3rd, Kristeen Baugan. Best Presentation went to Amy Jared.

Dutch oven cook off

   The Dutch Oven Cook-Off winners were: Main dish, Amy Jared, hashbrown casserole, $40; Bread/Side dish, John Stinson, homemade bread, $40; Dessert, Annika Cook, Apple Blueberry Cobbler, $40; Annika Cook also won Best Overall, and took home an extra $40!

53 parade entries

   The 1860 Days parade brought out a record number of 53 entries. Here are our category winners. Community-Timberline Spartan Cheerleaders; Commercial-Lewiston Roundup Stagecoach and Horses; Royalty-Wild Weippe Rodeo Queen; Novelty-Pierce/Weippe ATV Trailriders Club; Antique Car- Bill Marvel “1931” Ford Deluxe Roadster ; Classic Car-Cranker’s Club 1956 Black Ford T-Bird owned by Warren Iverson; Costume-‘1869ers’ Leia VanHook Group.

Best costume

   For our 1860 Days ‘Best’ Contests, the winners were: Best 1800s Costume- 1st, Polly Sanderson, Lewiston; 2nd, Addi Thompson, Weippe, and 3rd, a tie, Grace and Rachel Miller, Kamiah.

Longest beard

   Longest Beard- Bob Canup, 12 inches, Craigmont; Best Mustache, Gary Jacobosky, Ahsahka; Best Groomed Beard, Harv Nelson, Pierce.

Best looking legs

   Best Lookin’ Legs (Female), a tie between the 1869ers and the Legends of the Old West women.

Winners of donated items

   The Pierce/Weippe Trailriders drawing for the ATV was won by Steve Light of Pierce.

   The Dell Laptop Computer drawing, sponsored by Support4Business, was won by Betty Stinson. Proceeds from this drawing go toward the new Pierce Pavilion.

   The Memorial Flag drawing, sponsored by the Historic Pierce Cemetery Friends, was won by Cliff Miller.

   Finally, our 1860 Days drawing winners were: Dennis Jacobus, ‘Crown Royal’ Quilt, donated by Diane Forsman, Polly Sanderson, Char-Broil Barbeque, and Kathy Coles, the ½ oz gold miner charm, donated by Dan Vaughan.

   The auction load of firewood, donated by was won by Russ Koepke, and the truck load of rock, donated by Solid Rock Co, was won by Carl Stemrich.

   We thank everyone who donated time, money and items for our 2010 1860 Days celebration. We look forward to having a great time at next year’s event!