AUGUST 12, 2010

Fraser community news

By Norma Brand

   Last week Mother Nature must have thought she needed to get our attention. She sent a thunder and lighting storm on Thursday evening and early Friday morning. The thunder crashed, the lighting flashed across the sky and the wind blew. When the rain started, we didn’t know which windows to close from one minute to the next, because the wind kept changing directions. Branches were blown out of the trees and we had a major clean up job the next day.

   The Fraser community celebrated a number of birthdays over the weekend. Cody Bird turned five years old on Aug. 5. His mom Katie reported they celebrated his birthday on Saturday, Aug. 7 with a homemade pizza party. The theme for his party was “Toy Story”, his grandma Gayle decorated his cake with Buzz and Woody characters from that movie.

   Katie’s parents joined Katie and Mike and sister, Shelby for the party, they are Evan and Margo Anderson from Walla Walla, WA. Katie’s sister, Heidi Bird, her husband Scott and their children Kyle and Ashlyn drove over from Kennewick, WA. Gayle and Mark Swayne and Lois and Moore and Wayne Perkins came from Orofino. Val, Levi and Tucker Armicardy, Sandy Poisson and Debi Phillips also came to help Cody celebrate.

   Cody’s gifts included clothes, toy cars, a scooter and books; he also learned to ride a two-wheeled bicycle over the weekend. Now he can be seen riding all over the farm. Nothing like getting your first set of wheels to make a five year old grow up fast. Have fun Cody.

   Katie reported her parents are having a new home built on the farm. They hope to be residents of the area next year. We send an early welcome to Evan and Margo from everyone here in Fraser.

   Shirley Lutes was born on Aug. 6. She celebrated her birthday with her son Kelly and her daughter Tina and her husband Kelly, all from Lewiston. The family arrived on Friday evening and returned home on Saturday evening after attending the 1860 Days in Pierce. Tina and the two Kelly’s attended the All School Reunion while Keith and Shirley had time to visit with their friends.

   Izzy Brown reported her family went on a three day camping trip to the Three Rivers area last week. Her grandparents, Danny and Donna Brown, and Tony and Heather Christopherson joined them. The temperature rose to 96 degrees so she and her sisters kept cool by playing in the pool and the river.

   Her dad, Cory, and Tony had time to go fishing on the Lochsa River; the one big fish caught by Tony was released back into the river. Everyone had a good time even if the weather was hot. It’s nice to get in some camping before harvest gets under way.

   Izzy also reported her sister, Caitlin, turned 10 years old on Aug. 9 and her party was held on Sunday evening. This year’s theme was “Sock Monkey”. Her grandparents Donna and Danny, Uncle Brad, Uncel Derek, Aunt Caresse and cousins Emma, Parker and Nathean, Tony and Heather Christopherson, Carl and Betsy Stemrich and their family Ian and Sarah and the McCollums joined the family to help her celebrate.  They enjoyed tacos for dinner followed by cake and ice cream. We bet you can guess how her cake was decorated; it was a “Sock Monkey” of course! Happy birthday, Caitlin.

   Peggy Ball invited friends to their home on Friday, Aug. 6 to help Reggie celebrate his birthday. Jan Thornton, Jim McManus, Carl and RoseAnn Thornton and Steve and Norma Brand enjoyed tacos and a variety of goodies while they visited. Peggy had pictures of her trip to Alaska to show everyone.

   She and her sister Robin did make one trip to see the Alaskan Pipeline and she also took pictures of Robin and Steve’s home and the neighbors’ wheat fields. She had a good time but she was also glad to get back home. They have been working on landscaping their home, and just completed a rock stairway down to the raised gardens off their deck.

   Happy Birthday goes out to Clarabell Brown on Aug. 16. Clarabell sends Happy Birthday greetings to her good friend Rose Opresik. Their birthdays fall on the same date.