AUGUST 12, 2010

Clearwater County Commissioners news

Open public meeting held to consider
recommendations from July 19 P&Z meeting

   The Clearwater County Board of Commissioners held an open public hearing Aug. 9 to consider the information and recommendations from the July 19, 2010 Planning & Zoning (P&Z) meeting for the following zoning applications.

   A Class S Subdivision Simple Subdivision request by Donald Jacklin to divide 17.59 acres into 3 lots. Lot A 5.73 acres, Lot B 5.04 acres, Lot C 6.82 acres. This property is located along Independence Road in the Deception Saddle area; aka Harry Placer, Clearwater County, ID; Zoned Low Density Rural District F-1.

   The staff verified compliance of documentation and fees were paid. The application included copies of the septic permits from the North Central District Heath Department. The lots have access off of Forest Service Roads Deadwood Ridge Connection (FS#5434) and Independence Road 10 (FS#74554) provide access to Lots A, B and C.

   Each lot meets the minimum lot depth and width of 250 feet and the required lot area of five acres. The P&Z Commission recommends Board approval since it appears that the minimum requirements of the Clearwater County Ordinance governing subdivisions have been met.

   The Board approved the Class S Simple Subdivision application by Donald Jacklin, since it appears to meet the Clearwater County ordinance requirements.

    A Conditional Use request by Ron Miller to operate a marine service and repair business in an existing structure accessory to his residence. This property is located at 47447 Highway 12, Orofino, ID; Zoned Light Commercial District C-1.

   Ms. Kaufman presented the staff findings. The staff verified compliance of documentation and fees were paid. The site plan representing the layout of the property and location to the State Highway were reviewed. A business plan for Miller Marine Service & Accessories (MMSA) was provided. Ron and Nadine Miller explained that this will be a family owned business, operating out of a 42’X44” building for manufacturing and service of boats.

   All health regulations and other State, County and Federal regulations are complaint. The applicant provided information to Andy Helkey of Public Health-Idaho North Central District concerning the waste water treatment and disposal system. The waste water will be contained in a pure-flow tank with a filter system for separating the oil and water. No waste water will be going into the ground.

   The property has access off of Highway 12 with two access points. All other requirements appear to have been met and the P&Z Commission recommends Board approval of this request.

   The Board approved the Conditional Use Permit application by Ron Miller to operate a marine service and repair business from and accessory building to his residence; since it appears to meet the Clearwater County ordinance requirements.

   The Board reviewed and approved the WIF Grant Agreement Form for funding of the boat motor and out drive for the smaller Waterways’ boat. The new motor and out drive unit is being funded for the total cost of $19,613, with grant funds of $12,748.45 and match funds of $6,864.45.

Cavendish Road Chip Seal project

   The Cavendish Road Chip Seal project was completed this week. It lacked completing the front one mile on Friday; Poe Asphalt will finish this week.

Grangemont Road project

   The Grangemont Road project is progressing with the crushing which they will have stockpiled up to 43,000 tons. The sample aggregate and oil has been taken and sent to FHWHA. Once sample test strip is sent and approved the project is ready to go.

   Road Supervisor Simon ordered shoulder widening at MP 12.9 and MP 9; these projects were completed by the road department this week. The brushing is finished, but they moved back to Poor Man area to remove a wider swath of brush and trees in the right of way.

Dent Bridge Road

   The County should get the chip sealing completed on Dent Bridge Road starting at MP 10. The soft spots in Dent will get patched first. The consensus is to chip seal the Dent Bridge Road. The chip seal will cost approximately $100,000.

Biomass Utilization Feasibility

   The Board interviewed Tetra Tech Bioenergy team for the Biomass Utilization Feasibility Study. Keith Henn, Project Manager introduced the members representing Tetra Tech; Charles Egigian-Nichols, Civil Engineer and Doug Herlocker, Environmental Assessments works in the Boise office. The group was joined by Chris St. Germaine and Loren Whitten-Kaboth, CCED, Mark Swayne and Bruce Hansen, Soil and Water Conservation Board.

   The firm Tetra Tech has a proven track record in providing full service capabilities required to execute project; evaluation of biomass, plan and design; develop and build, operate and maintain. Tetra Tech has completed numerous alternative energy feasibility studies for waste and agriculture/forestry based systems. They have managed projects ranging from small to large combined heat and power (CHP) facilities. The Board took the information under advisement to allow time to review the information.

   There were three executive sessions held to discuss personnel and indigent matters.

   Chairman Don Ebert, Commissioner John Allen and Commissioner Stan Leach were present for the meeting.