AUGUST 5, 2010

City of Orofino Special Revenue Water Bond passes

   City of Orofino residents passed the Special Revenue Water Bond Tuesday with 96% approval. The Water and Sewer Revenue Bonds will have a principal amount not exceeding $8,500,000 to pay for the cost of improvements to the domestic water portion of the City’s combined and consolidated domestic water and sanitary sewer system. The proposed bond has a 0% interest rate. Out of 1377 registered voters, 259 votes were cast. With 19% of registered voters casting their votes, 248 voted yes, 10 voted no and one vote was a spoiled ballot.

   In a June 3 Clearwater Tribune article that gave details concerning the Special Revenue Bond City of Orofino Administrator Rick Laam stated, “The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality is providing an interest-free loan for 30 years, driving the City’s ability to replace its outdated water treatment plant, provide construction of additional system and reservoir improvements and to keep water rates as low as possible.”

   A public meeting will be held Wednesday, Aug. 11, in the City Council Chambers beginning at 6 p.m. The next step will be to compile an Environmental Information Document where public comments will be incorporated.