AUGUST 5, 2010

Orofino Bridge gets skid resistance overlay

   A new product named Safelane is being applied to the Orofino Bridge due to its susceptibility to frost, according to Pat Lightfield, assistant district engineer for the Idaho State Highway Dept. “The new product provides a lot of skid resistance,” he added.

   Safelane is a product sold by a special rock manufacturer in the midwest that is designed to hold de-icing chemical better than what is on the bridge now.

   Lightfield said Friday, if nothing goes wrong, the project, which cost $187,000, is due to be complete within approximately six working days from Friday. Penhall Construction from California is in charge of the construction.

   Lightfield said the construction consists of first putting down a layer of epoxy, then a layer of rock chips and another layer of epoxy and chips that provides a quarter inch thick base for the Safelane product.

   When asked about Arrow Bridge Construction, on U.S. Hwy 12 east of Lewiston, Lightfield said that job when half done will be stopped for re-evaluation by another construction company which is out of Boise. He said, “The state bid a bunch of bridges together.”