AUGUST 5, 2010

10 Years Ago

   Orofino City Council approved a resolution to change the leaseholder on a parcel of land owned by the city from Reese F. Smith to Fords Creek Electric and Pump Service.

   Steve Schloss recently joined Clearwater Realty after completing testing to become a licensed realtor.

   Judy Summers recently retired June 30 after 18 years with Orofino Office of Job Service.

   Heather Sawyer of the Orofino Job Service office recently received an Award of Merit from the Idaho Chapter of the International Association of Personnel in Employment Security.

15 Years Ago

   The Orofino Youth Baseball Minor League Championship was won by the Rockies (9-10 year old youth} as they defeated the Astros by a tight 3-2 score. Players were John Richmond, Garrett Manfull, Luke Meacham, Brandon Davis, Jeremy Hollibaugh, Jeremy Engle, Kyle Annen, Byron Brown, Michael Gray, Scott Hasselstrom, Trevor Arnold and Logan Spaulding. The team was coached by Eric Engle and Gil Gray,

   A request for an injunction to halt the drafting of Dworshak Reservoir for flow augmentation as part of National Marine Fisheries Service salmon recovery plan has been declined by U. S. District Court.

   The Dodgers Girls Minor League Champions are Jessica Bastalich, Breanna Howe, Amanda Bennett, Meryl Rodgers, Samantha Nancarrow, Holly Jones, Desiree Downing, Spring Smeltz, Amanda Cummings, Kelsey Engle, Sarah Parker, Ashley Stanton, Tricia Jageman and Katy Elsbury. The girls were coached by Susan Parker and Kim Engel.

40 Years Ago

   Bill and Mick Jackson were honored as Grassmen of the Year at the chamber meeting.

   The most popular spot in town has been the Orofino Swimming Pool. Largest single attendance to date was 325 according to Sandy McCollister, manager.

   Social Security benefits paid by residents of the area served by the Lewiston Social Security Office totaled $1,106,000 each month.

   Prosecuting Attorney Ralph Haley has been appointed as Magistrate for Clearwater County.

45 Years Ago

   Running nearly four weeks a new service sends one train to Jaype, picking up gyppo logs along Quartz Creek while another train gets Headquarters production. Total haul is from 12 to 15 cars a day.

50 Years Ago

   Orofino felt the heat this week with the first spell of what was to be 17 days over 100 degree temperature and a high of 108.

70 Years Ago

   Five fires were set near Orofino, light service was disrupted for 18 minutes and windows rattled and shook last Wednesday night when a severe lightning storm hit here about 8:30 p.m.  

   The Clearwater County of the American Red Cross has received $859.42 of the $1,000 quota for war relief.

   A trainload   of 91 CCC enrollees fresh from New York and New Jersey arrived here.  They will be stationed with Company 3272, the new Headquarters Camp P 281.          

75 Years Ago

   For the past few weeks trucks from many parts of this section have been busy hauling poles to the Eagle Pole Supply Company yard adjacent to Gorman Addition in Orofino at the rate of six to seven hundred daily from camps near Weippe and the Coeur d’Alene Mill.